2020 Bridal Makeup Trends

2020 Bridal Makeup Trends

2020 is the year of individuality. I have been in the wedding industry for a long time and it is evolving. This means brides are no longer pressured to find a style that is pigeon-holed into the ‘traditional’ or ‘boho’ category. 

Brides are inclined to create a mood for their wedding instead of following a particular trend.

With that in mind I am finding more brides want to feel relaxed and create a beauty look which feels like them on a really good day… Actually on a really awesome day! 

Here are my predictions for the bridal makeup trends in 2020

Heavy contour and insta brow trends are no longer in everyone’s favour and this look is now being replaced. Brows have a more natural feel where the eyebrows are sculpted into a fluffier more relaxed brow shape. AKA ‘The boy brow”.


When it comes to foundation less is more, but this doesn’t mean naked skin! Let me break it down for you, the thinner the layers the longer the makeup will last. This applies to natural coverage AND full coverage foundations. A great option for this is airbrush foundation. This technique is also used for the sculpting, blush and highlight. Airbrush lasts so well because its (normally) silicone based, and the layers are so fine it really gives the illusion of a natural yet flawless complexion. Winning!!

beauty portraits by lucy jayne makeup artist
Photography by me @lucyjaynemakeup

Watercolour blushes and cream highlighters give an etherial feel and turn flat matt skin into the complexion of a goddess.


Bridal eyeshadow trends are now starting to resemble a beautiful wash of colour with brides choosing rose gold and other gorgeous jewel tones. To add extra emphasis to the eyes, run brown kohl run along lash line and blend it out into the outer lashes. This cleverly enhances the eyes and eyelashes. With the addition of individual lashes applied on the outside lashes it creates the perfect eye look.

Eyebrows no longer have sharp edges and are groomed to add thickness and the gaps filled. Using a gel or soap sets the brows, and a pomade or brow pen adds fine hair strokes. This technique gives the effect of natural fluffy brows that frame the face perfectly!

2020 will be the year where individuality will be embraced, especially when it comes to makeup and creating the best version of YOU!

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Top images curtesy of Liz Gregg

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