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  • Transform your Wedding Day with 5 Small Touches

  • Transform your wedding day Tips to transform your wedding day Image: It’s one of the most memorable days of your life, so you will probably want it to stand out. The truth is, having a unique and impressive wedding doesn’t have to come at a huge extr[...]
Beauty Portraits
  • Makeup Photography at it's Best

  • As I continue my makeup photography journey I really wanted to work on my beauty retouching with this shoot that I organised for my own portfolio. I see so many images where the picture has been edited to the point of the skin looking like a ‘waxwork’ I wanted to understand how to do this keeping t[...]
  • The Art of Bridal Beauty 1-2-1 Makeup Course

  • [slideshow_deploy id='3238'] The Art of Bridal Beauty 1-2-1 Makeup Course The Art of Bridal Beauty makeup course is now available as a 1-2-1! Book the popular, fully accredited 4 day course when it suits you. Now this course is flexible you can choose to split it over weeks, months or complet[...]
  • 3 Reasons to go Cruelty Free

  • 3 reasons it's easier than ever to go cruelty-free with your make up While makeup can help tie a fantastic look together, beauty should never come at a price. With one to two hundred thousand animals dying each year in order to test cosmetic products worldwide; being able to choose brands t[...]
  • Introduction to Airbrush Makeup

  • [slideshow_deploy id='3400'] Introduction to Airbrush Makeup For the beginner airbrush artist, this course will give you the necessary skills to use your airbrush to create flawless make-up looks. Covering foundation, blush, contouring, highlighting and brows you will leave the course confident t[...]
  • Portfolio Photoshoot

  • [slideshow_deploy id='3303'] 1-Day Portfolio Photoshoot If you are looking to add to your portfolio with some exceptional beauty images - join us on the beauty portfolio photoshoot! It's an exciting workshop where you will be able to create stunning makeup looks that will be captured by beauty pho[...]