Beautiful 1960s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Beautiful 1960s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

The emphasis of this look is all about the bold feline flick eyeliner, full dramatic lashes and natural eyebrows, it’s such a chic style that oozes that ‘Mad Men’ coolness. The skin should be kept minimalistic with a fresh dewy finish and back in the 60s the lips were normally kept nude – sometimes blocked out with foundation. For this retro bridal look, I wanted to give it a modern twist by adding a pop of colour to the lips with a matt pastel pink lipstick.

Create a neutral eye shadow base by applying a matt cream eye shadow. This helps prime the eye for the eyeliner application.

I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly £15.50

1940s bridal makeup tutorial

Using a cream eyeliner and a fine eyeliner brush apply the eyeliner first from the outer edge of the top lash in a straight line. Extend this line by approximately 1 cm, then do the same on the other eye.

I used Maybelline Black Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner £7.99

Crown Brush Mini Eyeliner Brush £1.69

1960s makeup tutorial

Sweep the liner along the lash line until you meet the end point, filling in any gaps.

With this technique less is more! Use a tiny bit at a time and keep adding to build up the size of your kitten flick. Use too much at once and it can get messy and you can have uneven sized eyeliner flicks.

1960s makeup tutorial

Using a strip lash that compliments this style (I like to use a lash that gets longer towards to outer edges to give a real doe eyed effect) firstly fit the lash to your natural lash line, and trim the access from the outer corner of the strip.

I used Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes £5.49

Duo Striplash Adhesive ‘Dark Tone’ £8.39

how to apply a strip lash

Apply eyelash glue across the band and wait until it becomes tacky.

how to apply strip lashes

Using tweezers to hold the lash, press the lash into your upper lash line and hold into place until the glue has dried.

1960s makeup tutorial

To finish this look, add a pop of colour to the lips to give a modern twist.

I used MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Plaid £15.50

The final modern 60s bridal look!

1960s bridal makeup tutorial
The Finished Look! 1960s Bridal Makeup

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Model: Laura Elliot

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