Bridal Makeup Style – Are you a Vintage, Boho, Classic Bride??

At the moment its non stop wedding season and I have just completed my third wedding of the week and I am ready to do the same again next week.
I thought I would upload some of my bridal work and ask the question… What is your bridal style?! This week I have had a ‘Classic Bride’, ‘Vintage Bride’ and ‘Bohemian Bride”.
Last year Vintage bridal makeup was huge and is still very popular some brides like to go full on and others slightly toned down (eyeliner flick, bold lips not necessarily together), but I feel that this year it is all about the ‘Bohemian Bride’. This involves looking a bit more 70’s and freespirited in the style of head-dress the wedding dress not being too structured. I personally love this look and I think its something I would go for! The makeup base is a lot more natural and fresh with more emphasis on the eyes and cheeks creating a look that is striking but looks effortless. I think my modern style icons for this look are the Olsen’s as they love to rock a smudgy smokey eye but I think for bridal it does need to look a lot ‘cleaner’ so I like to opt for Bridget Bardot/Olsen mix with some full strip lashes thrown in for good measure!

Check out my behind the scenes pictures of recent brides that had a gorgeous bohemian feel to their wedding style and makeup!

Boho Bride in Kent bridal makeup style

Boho Bride

Boho Bridal makeup style in Kent

Boho Bride

LJ x

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