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  • 2020 Bridal Makeup Trends

  • 2020 Bridal Makeup Trends

    2020 is the year of individuality. I have been in the wedding industry for a long time and it is evolving. This means brides are no longer pressured to find a style that is pigeon-holed into the ‘traditional’ or ‘boho’ category. 

    Brides are inclined to create a mood for their wedding instead of following a particular trend.

    With that in mind I am finding more brides want to feel relaxed and create a beauty look which feels like them on a really good day… Actually on a really awesome day! 

    Here are my predictions for the bridal makeup trends in 2020

    Heavy contour and insta brow trends are no longer in everyone’s favour and this look is now being replaced. Brows have a more natural feel where the eyebrows are sculpted into a fluffier more relaxed brow shape. AKA ‘The boy brow”.


    When it comes to foundation less is more, but this doesn’t mean naked skin! Let me break it down for you, the thinner the layers the longer the makeup will last. This applies to natural coverage AND full coverage foundations. A great option for this is airbrush foundation. This technique is also used for the sculpting, blush and highlight. Airbrush lasts so well because its (normally) silicone based, and the layers are so fine it really gives the illusion of a natural yet flawless complexion. Winning!!

    beauty portraits by lucy jayne makeup artist
    Photography by me @lucyjaynemakeup

    Watercolour blushes and cream highlighters give an etherial feel and turn flat matt skin into the complexion of a goddess.


    Bridal eyeshadow trends are now starting to resemble a beautiful wash of colour with brides choosing rose gold and other gorgeous jewel tones. To add extra emphasis to the eyes, run brown kohl run along lash line and blend it out into the outer lashes. This cleverly enhances the eyes and eyelashes. With the addition of individual lashes applied on the outside lashes it creates the perfect eye look.

    Eyebrows no longer have sharp edges and are groomed to add thickness and the gaps filled. Using a gel or soap sets the brows, and a pomade or brow pen adds fine hair strokes. This technique gives the effect of natural fluffy brows that frame the face perfectly!

    2020 will be the year where individuality will be embraced, especially when it comes to makeup and creating the best version of YOU!

    To find out more about wedding makeup services follow this link: Bridal Makeup

    Top images curtesy of Liz Gregg

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  • Ell and Cee Bridal Lingerie

  • My last fashion makeup job pre maternity leave was with my fave – Ell and Cee Bridal Lingerie, shooting for their Winter Luxe Collection. It’s always so much fun working with a lovely girly team so with the edition of one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever eaten, was a damn good day at the office! Saying that it might not have been the best thing to be working on when you are the size of a small house with a beautiful pixie-like model, casually frolicking in on a freshly made bed…

    All I can say is thank god for the cake – I can worry about my post baby body goals another day lol!

    lucy jayne makeup baby bump

    I am lucky enough to work with this brand a lot and is my first recommendation when my brides are looking for something a bit special in the bridal lingerie department.

    In fact I was adorned with beautiful Ell and Cee goodies on my wedding day last November and it made me feel so glamorous getting ready for my wedding prep. Here are a few piccies… Ah the memories!

    Ell and cee silk gown
    ell and cee silk dressing gown
    ell and cee garter
    ell and cee bespoke silk knickers

    Back to the shoot & fabulous bridal lingerie…..

    “Ell & Cee is a luxe British Lingerie & Lounge brand. The signature look is deliciously feminine with a modern bohemian edge. Garments are made from the finest silks and chiffons to ensure the best quality and are manufactured in the UK – with many of the garments hand finished in house. The more bridal inspired pieces will be launched early next year with lace up details, embellished bras and cut out knickers in soft Champagne and pale Ivory.”

    The No Makeup – Makeup

    The feel of this shoot was paired back and relaxed. Coupled with the luxury of the room style and white washed walls of the location house it all fitted perfectly. Hair and makeup was completely minimal. That gorgeous, no makeup – makeup look! Of course there was makeup, not loads but applied in a way to give flawless glowing skin. Basically how we would all like to wake up in the morning… Lol!

    Here is a before and after picture of the gorge model Laura, you can see how lovely and even her skin tone is with a lightweight foundation and highlighting. No heavy contouring here kids, just a subtle mix of lighter toned concealer blended with her foundation to ‘lift’ where the light would catch her face and a mix of cream highlighters on top to give that uber dewy feel.

    Lucy jayne makeup natural makeup look

    Lucy jayne makeup natural makeup look

    Here is a slightly better shot to show the highlighting on her face (cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of her nose and cupids bow) as the natural light hit her face.

    The finished article!! Some of my favourite images from this beautiful shoot. 
    ell and cee bridal lingerie lucy jayne makeup
    ell and cee bridal lingerie lucy jayne makeup
    Ell & cee winter luxe lingerie
    ell and cee bridal lingerie lucy jayne makeup
    Ell & cee winter luxe lingerie
    ell and cee bridal lingerie lucy jayne makeup

    All garments available now, so its only fair you treat yourself.. It is Christmas after all!! 

    Ell & Cee, shop the lingerie collection: &

    Ell & Cee feature on Festival Brides Blog:

    Model Laura Elliot


    Here is my editorial gallery that showcases some of the previous Ell & Cee campaigns:

    (My wedding photos are by Benjamin Toms)

    Lilfox - available at
  • Bridal Inspiration: My Gorgeous Gold Wedding Dress!! (2014)

  • The gold wedding dress

    From the very start, I knew that my dress would have to have some sequin embellishment. Until we viewed our venue we were planning a summer wedding, potentially in Spain (quite the contrast to our actual wedding) but my dad was quite poorly so we knew to do it abroad wasn’t an option.

    This was totally fine because as soon as we had the tour of our wedding venue we fell in love with how cool it was and we knew it would be wasted if we did it in the summer. We felt that the charm of The Bell Inn (eclectic country pub) would be more suited to a winter setting with the log fires and candles burning… And plenty of twinkly fairy lights thrown in!!

    I imagine that if our wedding had been on a beach in Spain I would have opted for a floaty boho dress. However, being a winter wedding my style is a bit more glam so the dresses I was drawn to were Sarah Seven and Ellie Saab – Quite fitted but floaty and a lot of sequin embellishment. In 2014 This style of dress was quite hard to come by unless you are a chic American bride on Pinterest, apparently!

    Luckily I met Charlotte of Wilden London at a bridal photoshoot last summer and we talked about my dress ideas. When I left I started to think about it and realised I wouldn’t be able to find this imaginary gold wedding dress I had dreamt up.

    I got in touch with Charlotte and the creation of the sequin gold wedding dress started there!…

    Wedding Dress inspiration

    The design process was lovely, Charlotte and I shared inspiration on secret Pinterest boards and she sketched different style dresses with all of the elements I wanted. It had to be gold with a low back and a1920s spin. From her designs, I picked the elements I liked and she started creating.

    The dress fitting was a real treat and something I really looked forward to. Getting my bridal tribe together and travelling to charlottes little studio in Epsom was just lovely. Seeing the process of my dream dress being created step-by-step was very special and an experience I will treasure. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous not seeing the finished article until a week or two before the wedding but I had to ‘go with it’. When I went for that final fitting it was just bloody perfect and everything I had dreamt it would be!

    Wedding dress

    The way I see it (and this is what I tell all of my brides) it’s the one day where you will be THIS glamorous, if you are going to do it you might as well go for it!! My fiancé didn’t expect a gold wedding dress (who would?) and he loved it!… 

    LJ xx

    Gold Wedding Dress Wilden Bride
    Gold Wedding Dress Wilden Bride
    Gold Wedding Dress Wilden Bride
    Gold Wedding Dress Wilden Bride
    Gold Wedding Dress Wilden Bride
    Gold Wedding Dress Wilden Bride
    Wilde bride gold wedding dress lucy jayne makeup

    Here is a little bit about Charlotte, taken from her pretty website:

    I am very nice though, and make a mean cup of tea! (she really does)

    Bespoke design means that each dress is designed and made especially for you. All designs are made by Charlotte Wilden and are never replicated, meaning that your dress is truly your own – and that is the part that is most special.

    All gowns are couture, hand-made by Charlotte and her assistant just outside London, in Epsom.

    I like to see all of your images and ideas.
    Most brides have already started to make a scrap book of ideas, images from magazines and online sources. These can be sent to me in advance of your consultation if you like so that I can do some research to correspond with yours and bring more inspirations to look at. You could use a blogging site such as Tumblr, or Pinterest and send over a link via email.

    My Awesome Wedding Suppliers:

    The Dress: Wilden Bride London

    The Photographer: Benjamin Toms Photography

    The Hair: Vicki Lord Bridal Hair

    The Grooms Suit: Jack Bunneys

    The Venue: The Bell In Ticehurst

    The Lingerie: Ell & Cee

    The Makeup Artist: Me!

    Special thanks to Anna Marie who was Ben’s partner in crime for the day and another fabulous photographer!

    If you would like to read more about my wedding prep, check out my Wedding Skincare Routine.
  • Summer 2015 Trend - Blush Bridal Makeup Inspiration

  • I’ve seen so many bridal hair and makeup trends, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. The fashion can change so quickly, you might blink and miss it.

    Blush Bridal Makeup

    But the way it has a habit of changing means that I get to see a lot more variety and be able to try new things with some of my brides. I think the current trend is probably one of my favourites.

    We’re moving away from bronzed boho and embracing a more romantic English rose and blush bridal makeup style.

    bridal makeup trend

    I love how some of my brides choose a softer look and showcase their natural beauty. This is so much more effective and we find ourselves with a youthful, fresh-faced look that is just gorgeous. Shimmery pastel shades for the eyeshadows with perhaps only a tiny amount of eyeliner that just accentuates the shape of the eyes. Paired with hair that is swept back, gives brides a healthy summer glow.

    This new blush bridal makeup trend also means that I’m using a lot of berry, pink, and rose tones to really bring out that natural delicate look. Some brides will opt to use a bright lip colour that pops in comparison but there are some that prefer a more neutral shade and will in fact choose to have a nude lip colour but with a pink undertone or a deeper berry lipstick or gloss to give a bolder finish. I’ve also noticed how those with freckles are loving this lighter and fresher approach to makeup, allowing their natural skin to shine through instead of covering it up.

    leeds castle makeup artist

    Although contouring was a huge trend last year, I’ve seen strobing become more popular recently. With contouring, the aim is to highlight and shade your face for a perfectly sculpted effect. This is not only time consuming but also technical and requires practice, although the effects are amazing, they are not very natural. The counter trend; strobing, has become one of my firm favourites. A much simpler technique, strobing uses light to highlight and sculpt your features. This is particularly effective on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and around your temples. The finish is an amazing glow that’s perfect for every bride. 

    Chinese bridal makeup artist

    Hair accessories are also becoming a firm favourite and we’re seeing more brides choosing to have fresh flowers in their hair. I particularly love how effective and feminine this can be. It’s often the final touch that completes a look.

    As the romantic English trend is taking full hold, the flower of choice seems to be gypsophilia, also known as baby breath. This is a delightful little flower that is both delicate and feminine was once used as a cheap filler, but recently, I’ve seen it making a big comeback in terms of bouquets, hair accessories and wedding inspiration, finding itself as the buttonhole accessory.

    summer2015 bridal makeup trend

    Working with this trend is by far one of my favourites, I love how simple yet effective it is and how it gives more women the confidence to showcase their natural beauty.

    With thanks and credit to:

    My gorgeous bride Sarah Liu

    Wedding Photographer Fiona Kelly:

    Bridal Hairstylist Vicki Lord:

    Wedding Venue Leeds Castle: 

  • Glamorous 1940s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

  • Glamorous 1940s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    This look is really glamorous and perfect for the brides that love a dramatic eye… I don’t think you should really hold back on the lips and cheeks either! You know they say you should only accentuate two of your features ( lips & eyes/cheeks & eyes/cheeks & lips), well I don’t think that really applies to this look! 

    Heres how to go glam 40s without going OTT!

    To create a good base for your eye shadow, apply a cream shadow from the eyelid to brow bone. This neutralises the eyelid and helps shadows and pigments stay put.

    I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly £15.50

    For this era the palette was very soft with a hint of colour especially pinks and pastel tones, so I swept a pastel pink across the eyelid.

    1940s bridal makeup tutorial

    I used MAC Paint Pot in Let’s Skate £15.50

    1940s bridal makeup tutorial

    With a blending eye shadow brush apply a berry toned powder eye shadow to highlight the crease and give depth to the eyes. I also swept a small amount under the bottom lashes.

    I used MAC Eye shadow in Cranberry £13.00

    Crown Brush ‘Deluxe Crease Brush’ £3.49

    1940s bridal makeup tutorial

    Long lashes were key in the 1940s as they are today. Use an eyelash curler in a ‘pumping’ motion to curl the lashes to make them look more dramatic.

    Apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes generously in black.

    I Used Maybelline Great Lash Mascara £4.99

    Models Own Eyelash Curler £5.99

    1940s makeup tutorial

    Now apply your blush in a semi circle motion in a pinky rose tone to compliment the 40s palette

    I used MAC Well Dressed Powder Blush £18.00

    Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99

    1940s makeup tutorial

    Exaggerate the natural lip line by applying the lipstick slightly over your natural lip line and cupids bow making the lips big and voluptuous. The lip colour of choice was more pink-toned than the reds of previous eras.

    I used MAC Mineralize Glass Lip gloss in Fashion Perk £19.00

    1940s makeup tutorial

    The finished glam look!

    1940s bridal makeup tutorial
    The finished look: 1940s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    Creative links:

    Model: Laura Elliot

  • Beautiful 1960s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

  • Beautiful 1960s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    The emphasis of this look is all about the bold feline flick eyeliner, full dramatic lashes and natural eyebrows, it’s such a chic style that oozes that ‘Mad Men’ coolness. The skin should be kept minimalistic with a fresh dewy finish and back in the 60s the lips were normally kept nude – sometimes blocked out with foundation. For this retro bridal look, I wanted to give it a modern twist by adding a pop of colour to the lips with a matt pastel pink lipstick.

    Create a neutral eye shadow base by applying a matt cream eye shadow. This helps prime the eye for the eyeliner application.

    I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly £15.50

    1940s bridal makeup tutorial

Using a cream eyeliner and a fine eyeliner brush apply the eyeliner first from the outer edge of the top lash in a straight line. Extend this line by approximately 1 cm, then do the same on the other eye.

    I used Maybelline Black Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner £7.99

    Crown Brush Mini Eyeliner Brush £1.69

    1960s makeup tutorial

    Sweep the liner along the lash line until you meet the end point, filling in any gaps.

    With this technique less is more! Use a tiny bit at a time and keep adding to build up the size of your kitten flick. Use too much at once and it can get messy and you can have uneven sized eyeliner flicks.

    1960s makeup tutorial

    Using a strip lash that compliments this style (I like to use a lash that gets longer towards to outer edges to give a real doe eyed effect) firstly fit the lash to your natural lash line, and trim the access from the outer corner of the strip.

    I used Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes £5.49

    Duo Striplash Adhesive ‘Dark Tone’ £8.39

    how to apply a strip lash

    Apply eyelash glue across the band and wait until it becomes tacky.

    how to apply strip lashes

    Using tweezers to hold the lash, press the lash into your upper lash line and hold into place until the glue has dried.

    1960s makeup tutorial

    To finish this look, add a pop of colour to the lips to give a modern twist.

    I used MAC Matte Lipstick in Pink Plaid £15.50

    The final modern 60s bridal look!

    1960s bridal makeup tutorial
    The Finished Look! 1960s Bridal Makeup

    Creative links:

    Model: Laura Elliot

  • Swoon-Worthy 1970s Boho Bridal Makeup Tutorial

  • 1970s Boho Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    This is a great look for brides that prefer a more natural bohemian feel to their makeup and definitely one of 2015’s key summer trends. The main focus is on the eyes, and although the shadow is subtle the soft earthy tones buffed into the socket finished with strip lashes give a real doe-eyed effect.  The skin should be kept fresh with a light weight foundation and bronzer to add that beachy sun kissed feel. 

    Start by applying a fawn toned shadow to the eyelid.

    I used MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork £15.50

    The brush I used was Crown Brush Firm Shadow £4.59

    1970s Swoon-Worthy Boho Bridal Makeup Tutorial
    1970s Swoon-Worthy Boho Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    Eyeliner was another important tool in 70s makeup but to keep it more natural apply a brown cream liner along the lash line and then soften with the eyeshadow brush, extending it a little towards the outer lash line.

    I used Maybelline Gel Liner in Brown £7.99

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    Build up the eye shadow colour but try to keep to natural and earthy tones. Blend a deeper taupe from the centre of the eyelid to the outer corner.

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    Next blend a deeper shade of brown into the socket line and a little under the bottom lashes.

    I Used Seventeen ‘Peep Show’ Palette (no longer available). A great alternative is Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in ‘Forest’ £32.00

    The socket brush was Crown Brush Deluxe Crease £3.49

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup
    TIP: Build up the colour slowly as you don’t want the eye shadow to look too heavy.

    Using a strip lash that compliments this style, normally I would opt for natural looking lash that is thicker at the base (for a Brigitte Bardot look) and has a natural finish. Fit the lash to your natural lash line, and trim the access from the outer corner of the strip.

    I used Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes £5.49

    how to apply a strip lash

    Duo Striplash Adhesive ‘Dark Tone’ £8.39

    Using tweezers to hold the lash, press the lash into your upper lash line and hold into place until the glue has dried.

    how to apply strip lashes

    Instead of blush opt for a bronzer to create a tanned look. Use a natural-looking bronzer to achieve the effect as this gives the skin a healthy glow.

    I used Illamasqua Bronzing Duo £26.00

    Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup

    Apply the bronzer anywhere on the face where the sun would naturally hit it. Sweep it from the forehead, to the cheeks, a little across the nose and then down to the chin.

    how to do 70s boho bridal makeup
    TIP: The soft shape you create should be like you are tracing the number 3, but if it starts to look like the number 3, its too heavy and you have applied way too much bronzer!

    To give that real fresh feel, finish the look with a nude lipstick or a frosted translucent gloss. For that real Boho look avoid lip liner and keep the lips as natural as possible.

    I Used Illamasqua Sheer Lip Gloss in Opulent £16.50

    Ta-Da!… The finished Boho 70s Bridal Look!!

    1970s Swoon-Worthy Boho Bridal Makeup Tutorial
    Finished Look | 1970s Swoon-Worthy Boho Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    Creative links:

    Model: Laura Elliot




  • Dazzling 1920s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

  • Step-by-Step 1920s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    The 20s is one of my favourite eras when it comes to make up as I love a bolder lip and a bit of sparkle. It’s a great look for winter brides and if you don’t feel brave enough to wear a really dark lipstick opt for a lip stain instead for a softer look. 

    Here is my simple step-by-step tutorial including the products I used to create this look.

    First apply a nude matt cream shadow, from the lash line up to the brow bone to create a neutral base.

    I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly £15.50

    1920s bridal makeup tutorial

    Using a champagne cream shadow apply over the eyelid, stopping just above the socket.

    I used Vintage Selection Paint Pot by MAC £15.50

    1920s bridal makeup tutorial lucy jayne
    TIP: To create better adhesion for loose glitter use a cream eye shadow

    Cover the cheeks with a tissue to prevent the loose glitter from dropping onto your cheeks and getting messy and for a more contemporary look keep the glitter simple!

    I used MAC Glitter ‘Reflects Pearl’ £17.00

    1920s bridal makeup lucy jayne

    Line the lips with a darker lip liner to create a precise shape and this will also prevent the lipstick from ‘bleeding’.

    I used MAC Lip Pencil in Spice £12.50

    1920s bridal makeup tutorial
    Tip: To keep your lipstick lasting longer, colour in your lips with the lip pencil

    Using a lip brush apply a berry toned lipstick which is key for the 20s trend

    I used MAC Lipstick in Rebel £15.50

    1920s bridal makeup tutorial
    20s bridal makeup tutorial
    TIP: To keep you’re lipstick lasting as long as possible blot your lips with tissue then re-apply lipstick.

    Apply a deep pink blush for that ‘pinched cheek’ look

    I used MAC Powder Blush in Dollymix £18.00
    Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99

    1920s bridal makeup tutorial

    Add a slick of gloss to finish this contemporary 1920s bridal look

    I used MAC’s Dazzleglass in Funtabulous £17.00

    1920s bridal makeup tutorial

    Ta-Da the finished look!!

    1920s makeup inspiration
    The Finished Look | Dazzling 1920s Bridal Makeup Tutorial

    Creative links:

    Model: Laura Elliot

  • January Wedding Makeup Competition!!


    Win Your Wedding Makeup by Me!

    It’s that time of year again and last years Wedding Makeup Competition was so much fun it would be rude not to do it again!!

    This competition prize is worth £150.00, and this also includes your consultation! If I get over 1000 Facebook likes you can win makeup for three members of your bridal party as well. This prize is worth £285!!!!


    ***Share any Facebook competition posts because if I get over 1000 likes, I will upgrade the prize – you will win BRIDE + BRIDAL PARTY MAKEUP***

    Good luck xxx

    T&C’s: Only applicable to 2015 brides. Existing bookings don’t apply. Maximum prize makeup x 4 (Bride trial & wedding day makeup, bridal party wedding day makeup only). Competition closes 31/01/15

    Click this link to my Facebook Competition => LUCY JAYNE MAKEUP

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  • The Festival Beach Bride - Styled Shoot

  • At the end of last Summer Kelly and Laura (Festival Brides Blog) organised the Summeriest of all bridal shoots. Right now I am looking through these beautiful and vibrant images and it just makes me feel soooo ready for the Summer… 

    The set styling of the sand dunes was incredible, such beautiful colours to play with! Lots of peachy-coral, turquoise, lilac and pinks. The colours were perfectly complimented by the different dress designs. The first dress was a bespoke design from Wilden Bride the second was a boho maxi from Ell and Cee and the last was a sequin delight by Sarah Seven. (Note to self: DO NOT try on any of the above just before a very tall gorgeous model!)

    The makeup and hair looks were always going to be push the traditional bridal boundaries. Perfect fo…

    Claudia had quite curly hair but it needed to be ‘beached up’ a bit. I used a curling wand to create more defined waves as apposed to messy curls and then  used a surf spray to create texture.

    The first of the two makeup looks was quite vibrant. I used lots of coral shades with a hint of red and metallic gold to create a ‘burnt orange’ eye shadow. I kept Claudia’s skin natural and dewy as her freckles looked so lovely – they needed to show, I used a coral blush to give a hint of sun kissed peachy skin. The sun was starting to set and we still needed to shoot the last Sarah Seven dress, so for the last look I was given 20 minutes to change makeup and get our lovely model back to the beach! No pressure… I kept her hair the same and maxed up the makeup! I applied loads of gold glitter around her eyes and also on her arms and hands. To give extra emphasis to her eyes I also carefully applied gold leaf along the crease. Looking back I wish I had used more (I could ALWAYS use more) but never mind, I think Claudia still rocked the look of a bridal sun goddess! 

    Here are some of the beautiful images to help inspire you for your special day – Especially if you are a Festival Beach Bride!

    festival brides beach shoot heline bekker photographer lucy jayne makeup artist festival brides beach shoot heline bekker photographer lucy jayne makeup artist festival brides beach shoot heline bekker photographer lucy jayne makeup artistfestival brides beach shoot heline bekker photographer lucy jayne makeup artistFestival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy JayneFestival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jaynefestival brides beach shoot heline bekker photographer lucy jayne makeup artist festival brides beach shoot heline bekker photographer lucy jayne makeup artistFestival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jaynenew 1festival_brides_beach_shoot_heline_bekker_134Festival_Brides_Beach_Shoot_Highres_139festival_brides_beach_shoot_heline_bekker_150

    Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jayne Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy JayneFestival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jayne Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy JayneFestival_Brides_Beach_Shoot_Highres_179Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy JayneFestival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jayne Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jaynenew Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jayne Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy JayneFestival_Brides_Beach_Shoot_Highres_222 Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jayne Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jayne Festival Brides Beach Shoot Photographer Heline Bekker Makeup Lucy Jayne


    Festival Brides

    Photographer: Heline Bekker 

    Bespoke Bridal Dress: Wilden Bride

    Bridal Longewear: Ell and Cee

    Bridal Dress: Sarah Seven

    Model: Claudia @ M+P 

    Hair and Makeup: Lucy Jayne

    Flower Design: Frida and Sophia

    Cake: Sylvias Kitchen

    Wedding Stationary: Kate Ruth Romey

    Wedding Stylist: Eagle Eyed Bride


    Time to start planning your beach wedding!…. Lucy Jayne xx