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  • Summer Boho Bridal Makeup

  • Back in April, I got a late night (slightly panicked) text from Vicki Lord (Bridal Hair Extraordinaire!) Basically her bride the following day had been let down by her makeup artist and was I available?… I was! And that doesn’t happen that often so I was really glad I was able to help out.

    The venue was at the Port Lympne Mansion and all Vicki said was that the bride (Sarah) wanted to go for a dramatic look as she was having very creative Avant-Garde hair. I must admit that when I arrived it felt like chaos in the room that everyone was getting ready, there was stuff everywhere! Bridesmaids were doing the table plan settings whilst the others were being filmed for the ‘Marryoke’ Wedding Video. All that being said Sarah was sat having her hair styled by Vicki, super chilled and enjoying herself! I loved it!!

    You will see from the photos that her hair was beautifully extravagant, and although Sarah gave me free reign on her makeup I still wanted it to compliment all of the different elements and not to compete with it.

    I thought about it for a moment and decided that as there was a lot of colour in her hair that I would need to create a strong makeup look but instead of going with bright colour I muted it down slightly with gold and bronze shades. I think this gave more of a contemporary boho feel but it needed drama, so I glammed it up by using a golden glitter on her eyes and applied big dramatic lashes.

    This was a fab wedding to be a part of and I am so excited to share these pictures with you!

    p.s. Sarah may have booked me the night before but she didn’t get her dress until the day before the wedding day!!!

    boho bridal makeup in kent

    The products I use to create Sarah's Bridal Makeup look!

    Boho Bridal Makeup in Kent

    iPhone photo of Sarah


    I adore these photos by Kerry Ann Duffy, Sarah isn’t your average bride and Kerry Ann has captured her fun, festival style beautifully! Everything worked 🙂


    boho bridal makeup by lucy jayne boho bridal makeup by lucy jayne boho bridal makeup by lucy jayne boho bridal makeup by lucy jayne boho bridal makeup by lucy jayne boho bridal makeup by lucy jayneboho bridal makeup by lucy boho bridal makeup by lucy jayne boho bridal makeup by lucy jayne


    Lucy Jayne Bridal Makeup Artist

    Vicki Lord Bridal Hair Stylist

    Kerry Ann Duffy Wedding Photographer

    Port Lympne Mansion Wedding Venue

    To check out Sarah’s Marryoke Wedding Video =>>

    T.D.H. Media Wedding Videos/Marryoke 


  • Foundation and Primer = Flawless Bridal Skin

  • The most important thing that I try to achieve in every one of my makeup jobs is great looking flawless skin!! As a makeup artist the most important thing for me is to be able make the bridal skin look beautiful, not do crazy ‘off the wall’ makeup that will go out of fashion very quickly. I like to create a look that is timeless and this ALWAYS starts with the skin.

    This is the question I get asked most. How do I get my skin to look better? This will always start with skin prep. Cleanse, moisturise and prime. Then I suit the foundation to my clients skin type and condition, Yes some people may need a little more coverage but this doesn’t need to be heavy or caky, and others may have blemishes, pigmentation, dry or oily skin. I take all of this into consideration as not all foundations or primers suit all skin types, so sometimes it may take a little time to find the perfect coverage and when that box is ticked it means that your makeup and base will last so much longer!!

     Here are some of my past brides and list of products I used to create their long lasting primer and foundation combo!

    Charli: MAC Strobe Primer and MAC Face + Body Foundation = Light to Medium Coverage with a ‘dewy’ finish.

    modern bridal makeup by lucy jayne


    Kate: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Estee Lauder Doublewear = Medium to full coverage with a matt even finish.

    bridal makeup at cooling castle


    Jenny: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation = Medium to full coverage, pore refined and matt finish.

    bridal makeup in deal kent


    Sarina: MAC Strobe Primer and MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (small amount of the Strobe Cream mixed in with foundation) = Med coverage and slightly ‘dewy’ finish.

    asian bridal makeup in kent


    Oh and finally I just wanted to touch on HD Makeup (HD = High-Definition). This is something I get asked about a lot because when you are being photographed on your wedding day you want to be ‘HD ready’ right?…. But what does this really mean??

    Lots of brands now have a High-Defination products. So does it mean that by using something that is branded as HD that it will look better and last longer? NOPE! High Definition Makeup is not a brand of makeup, it is actually a technique of the application. This means using a great pore refining primer and matching your foundation perfectly to your skin tone. Blending so there are no heavy areas or streaks but the finish looks like real skin – you can’t see where the foundation starts and the natural skin ends. Pores aren’t really visible, blemishes  are carefully hidden and the powder that is used to set everything is invisible.

    In conclusion its how we all want to look, everyday but especially on your wedding day. L J xxx


     Photo Credits (Top to Bottom)

    Hair Credit ( All Photos)

  • Do I get a Spray Tan for my Wedding???

  • Is your wedding coming up and you are feeling a tad pale?? Time to think about tanning!

    It’s a bit of a worry for any bride when it comes to tanning. What’s best to use? Will I be too dark? Will it rub off on my dress? Will I look patchy?…

    Here is what I know about Spray tanning:
    First things first, DO NOT get your ‘tan on’ the day/night before you get married! So much can go wrong here!… Your tan will always be at its darkest on the day after your spray tan and wearing white will only intensify the colour. If you wait for the second or third day the colour will be a subtle bronze next to your white dress. Another big point is that the dark  bronze ‘guide’ (this is the colour that is left on your skin straight after getting sprayed) takes two washes to completely come off your skin and if anything is going to transfer onto your wedding dress it will be this and not the actual tan.
    If you have dry skin spray tan will cling to these areas so make sure you are well moisturised prior and when you come to have your spray tan a good barrier cream is needed for your hands/feet/elbows/knees.

    *I think the only exception is Sienna-X 6% as the following day it looks great and not too dark at all. So natural!!

    Sienna X Tan before and after application

    Before my Sienna-X Spray Tan 6% and then day after! Tantastic!!

    Here are my tips for having a  successful spray tan:

     You must thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise your skin the day PRIOR to your spray tan, to remove all of your dead skin.

     Shave or wax at least 24 hrs prior to your spray tan application.

    Do not moisturise on the day of the treatment unless your skin is very dry. Daily moisturising is recommended after the bronzer is removed when you shower, this will extend your spray tan by 2-3 days.

    Remove all traces of makeup, deodorant and perfume as they can create a barrier.

    After your tan application wear loose dark clothing immediately after your spray tan. This avoids the bronzer rubbing off onto lighter garments. The bronzer is water-soluble and will wash away. 

    DO NOT wear tight items of footwear or clothing that can cause friction and rub marks, for example socks, trainers, boots and belts.

    DO NOT wash your hands for the first 2-3 hours to avoid watermarks. Leave your tan application on the skin for a minimum of 6-8 hrs. For optimum results, leave on the skin overnight.

    Shower as usual the following morning. Your spray tan contains a cosmetic bronzer and this will wash off during showering. Do not worry, this is usual and does not affect the end result of your spray tan.

    It takes two showers for the bronzer to be removed from your skin completely, you will be the darker after the first wash but by the second day/shower it will look natural.

    What the bronzer looks like in spray tan

    This is how dark the bronzer is in the Sienna-X Spray Tan. Don't worry, it washes off to leave a lovely natural tan!!

    Over the years I have used a few different tans here are my favourites:

    1. For a darker colour go for a Xen Tan or Fake Bake

    2. If you tan well but want a natural bronzed glow, St Tropez or Sienna-X (8% or 10%)

    3. If you are fair skinned and want a hint of colour then Sienna-X 6% is the one for you. (This is the lightest I have found and perfect for a bridal tan) 

    Of course all tans will work with your natural coloring so if two people were to use Xen Tan (for example) one fair and one olive toned the colour would vary and the lighter skinned person would have a much lighter colour. I don’t think that some tans give enough variation for those pale skinned folk . When it comes to booking your bridal tan the key is to try your tan first approx 3 weeks prior with the same spray tan specialist you will use for your wedding tan. That way the technique won’t vary and if the tan is a bit too dark or light the specialist can alter the colour by the wedding so you have your perfect glow!

    tanned bridesmaids in kent

    Gorgeous tanned bridesmaids!

    I hope this sheds some light on wedding tanning! Don’t be scared ladies just make sure you trial it first and I am sure you will find the perfect tan…. Good Luck! x

  • Win Your Wedding Makeup by Lucy Jayne!

  • I had thought about running a competition for a while but wasn’t really sure what to do or when to do it? I was having a quiet ‘admin’ week so decided as it was the New Year, why not do it now?!! Start the New Year on a high!!…

    So how would you like to win your wedding makeup by me?? This is a prize worth £130 and includes a full trial and makeup on the wedding day.

    What you need to do:




    (You HAVE to do all the above to qualify)


    Lucy Jayne Bridal Makeup Competition

    So what are you waiting for?? You have until the 28th February 2014.


    T&C’s: Mileage is charged at 45p after the first 10 miles and other members of the bridal party are not included in the above prize, they are an additional cost. For Bridal Party costs please see the SERVICES on my website

    GOOD LUCK! xx

  • Charli (Wedding Photographer) Gets Married!

  • I have been looking forward to featuring this bride for ages… Charli contacted me over a year ago as she wanted to book me for her wedding in November, I didn’t know at first but she was a wedding photographer! Charli and I have worked together and I must say her photography style is just dreamy! I knew her wedding photos would have to be very special and they really are, just so beautiful! Of course it would be difficult to photograph your own wedding so the very talented Kate Hennessy was up to the challenge…

    Here is a little about Charli Wedding Photography and and importantly her thoughts on the big day!!…

    Charli Wedding Photography

    “I am just a normal girl trying to capture the beauty in everything that I see.  I have always had a creative streak and photography is my outlet for this.

    Charli Photography initially came about via some portrait shoots I did for friends but it has grown at some speed(!) and now i am privileged to share in many special days with couples each year.  I adore capturing weddings.  It is incredibly fast-paced and I always get asked if I am ‘nervous’ capturing such an important day.  I think if I wasn’t nervous there would be something wrong with me! Capturing such an important day warrants nerves, but I use these creatively on the day and channel that emotion into truly connecting with my surroundings.  I believe this allows me to shoot and capture the emotion in its raw form.”

    “My photographic style is fine art photojournalism and I am an award-winning photographer with the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.  I am also a member of Fearless Photographers as well as being shortlisted as Best Wedding Photographer in the South East, UK in the National Wedding Awards 2013.”


    “I love what I do and the feeling I get after I finish shooting a wedding for the day is a complete buzz of excitement!  I generally go home and edit a few ‘taster’ images to send to the couple straight away as I am as excited as they are about their wedding.”

    As a wedding photographer how did it help when organising your own wedding?

    I am not sure it helped! I see so many beautiful weddings that I think I got confused and sent my husband slightly insane with so many suggestions for the big day! I think it is easy to get carried away – most brides will agree with this.  It was important for us that our wedding had personal touches.

    The one thing that really did help me was speaking to some of my previous brides, who have become friends, and who could give me some honest advice about the day and what to focus on.  I had been told by all of them to really take it all in as it goes so fast.  This is THE most important advice I would now pass on to all future brides – it really does go incredibly quickly – it is nice just to stand still for a moment and say ‘Wow, this in amazing’.

    What was your ‘Bridal Style’??

    I wanted something a little bit different.  I am not known for following trends and I wanted something unique to me and my personality.  I went for a very vintage style with a bit of added sparkle (I am a magpie at heart!).  My hair complimented this beautifully and Vicki Lord did such an amazing job, I still have people commenting on my hair nearly 3 months later!

    How did you find your perfect makeup/hair look?

    I spent ages searching images on Google for hair and make-up looks.  I love to do my own hair and make-up and am generally quite creative with what I do so I wanted to make sure that this was replicated on the day. I do have a bit of a comfort thing going on with my eyeliner so I couldn’t be without this on the day and Lucy did a beautiful job creating lovely flicks for me. I wanted the rest of my make up to remain quite natural.  The one thing I focus on is my eyes so this is where I wanted the concentration of make up to be.

    My hair was inspired by a style I came across that Sarah Jessica Parker had worn to an awards ceremony.  I saw it and just thought wow, I don’t know if that’s even possible, but wow.  A few hair extensions later and it turns out it was very much possible 🙂Product Moodboard for Creating Charli's bridal look!

    How important is the consultation process when it came to creating your perfect look?

    I had already worked with Lucy before when capturing a wedding earlier in 2013 so I was quite relaxed during my consultation as I already knew Lucy was brilliant at what she does. Lucy was really flexible throughout the process and understood exactly what I was looking for.  We darkened my eyeshadow slightly on the day as I am happy to push the boundaries a bit with my eye make-up and am used to wearing slightly darker shades when I am dressing up for special occasions.

    I definitely think the consultation process and meeting is key in helping to achieve exactly what you want for your day.

    Overall how did you feel on the wedding day?

    I was nervous in the morning and a little stressed.  We had made quite a lot of the wedding bits ourselves and this meant super-organisation on the day to make sure everything was perfect.  My sister and the other bridesmaids were stars!  I am not very good at delegating, but sometimes you just have to and your wedding day is one of these times.  After I was in my dress I felt like a princess!  I felt amazing all day.  It is a pretty indescribable feeling!

    When you looked at/edited your photos how did your makeup make you feel, was it important to you as a bride?

    Kate Hennessey did a wonderful job of capturing our day.  It was quite important to me to edit my own wedding photos and I thankful that Kate let me do this as it was really special and I loved editing them.  The wedding makeup certainly meant less airbrushing 🙂 I think we are all our own worse critics but for once I barely did any ‘removing of blemishes’ as there were not any to be seen!

    I think my happiness on the day shone through in the photos and the makeup really complimented my features.  I think it is important to feel comfortable on your big day and I think some people feel comfortable doing their own makeup whereas I knew I would be too nervous and that I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess it up.

     Would you have changed anything?

    I wouldn’t have changed anything about my makeup, I loved it…..


    Here are a few of my favourites from Charli’s Wedding:

     Please get in touch with Charli for your wedding!


  • 1950's Bridal Makeup

  • Vintage makeup is such a popular look at the moment! I am asked to do strong kitten flicks, deep red lips and big lashes for my brides and makeup clients all the time. I love how bold this style is and of course I like to incorporate it in my own makeup routine, although it is fun to go vintage and can be quite dramatic… 

    lucy jayne makeup artist 1960s makeup

    Here I am with my 1960's hair and makeup at a recent awards show!

    If you are a bride that likes her makeup more subtle and natural but wants a vintage/retro influence. I think I have found the perfect era for you!! THE 1950s!

    • What are the stand out features of a 50’s look?

    The key to the 50s makeup look is pale porcelain skin with every feature from the eyes to the lips softly defined by a hint of colour as the women from this era liked to feel ‘made up’ but in a more natural way than in previous years, think Betty Draper from Mad Men!  Eyebrows were neatly tapered and defined with pencil and the eyeliner was winged.  The length and depth of the wing depended on personal choice and just how glamorous you wanted to be, with film stars opting for a dramatic look and the average woman opting for a softer style.

    1950s makeup moodboard

    • Who do you think are some of the biggest beauty icons of the 1950’s?

    Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren were popular beauty icons of the 1950’s with Marilyn’s eyeliner and Audrey’s eyebrows still a popular look today.

    • How would you style a modern day 50’s look for this Autumn/Winter?

    My winter go-to-foundation is great for this 1950s style! I use Doublewear liquid foundation by Ester Lauder, its great for giving that ‘blank canvass effect’ and I think that in the winter it definitely feels more comfortable to wear a heavier base, I would then conceal around the under eye area and finish my base with a veil of translucent powder. I always want to give the illusion of flawless skin and I find MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Powder does the job perfectly without looking heavy. For everyday I would keep the eye shadow neutral with either a nude matt pink or a shimmery pearl swept from the lash line to brow bone. This will also give the illusion of a higher brow bone and will help when defining the brows. Eyebrows were quite heavy in the 50s being defined with pencil but a softer alternative is to use a shadow – Benefit do a great eyebrow shadow ‘Brow Zing’ and this comes with all the tools you will need to get the perfect Audrey Hepburn brows! I think cream liner is the best product for creating the perfect eyeliner flick and depending on the occasion the length and thickness of the flick would vary, for everyday I would keep it quite subtle but would maximize my lashes with loads of mascara. I think pastel shades are a nice soft look but I think that in the winter women tend to be a bit braver when it comes to makeup (I know I do!) so instead if a pink lip I would be more inclined to go bolder with a deeper pink/mauve lipstick for the evening or a lip stain for everyday – this is also great for the cheeks to give a pinch of colour.

    Bridal makeup Behind the scenes

    1950's Bridal Makeup

    • What are some of the classic colour pallets that are used for a 1950’s beauty style?

    Pinks and Pastel shades were a huge trend in the 1950s. Eyeshadow palettes had hit the market that gave the option of soft pinks, pale green, baby blue and lilac’s that were also matched to the day’s wardrobe choice. Women wore their makeup a lot heavier than they had in the past and the foundation colour was a touch paler than their natural skin tone with pinky blush giving a hint of colour to the face. The pastel theme was reflected in the lip colour with lighter hues of pink, coral and orangy-reds.

    Dana Bolton Wedding Dress Designer

    Pastel Pink and Frosted Pink were popular shades in the 50's

    Step by step process to create this look?

    • The face was prepped with pale cream foundation to create a blank canvass and a matt face powder to set.
    • Powder eyeshadow was used in pastel and shimmery shades but kept to a minimal sweep across the eyelid, as the main emphasis was the eyelashes.
    • Lashings of heavy mascara to the top lashes gave a real doe-eyed effect and eyeliner was applied along the lash line and flicked out to exaggerate and to add to this super feminine look.
    • Brows were kept natural and neat but were defined with slightly darker pencil.
    • Pinky peach blush gave a hint of colour to the cheeks and was occasionally swept across the brow bone.
    • It was popular to exaggerate the natural lip line and cupids bow. The lip colour of choice was more pinky than the reds of previous eras making the lips look big and voluptuous.

      Dana Bolton Wedding Dress Designer

      Pastel pink lips with a highlighted cupids bow

    Can the 50’s look can be varied for different face and eye shapes?

    Women in the 50s did the ‘strong natural’ look well and one good thing that we can take from this era is that this style can be tailored to suit everyone. I think you just have to tweak it to fit in with your own look. You might not want to go crazy with all pastel colours but some will suit you more than others e.g. lilac and peach look great on blue eyes, blue and lilac look lovely on green eyes and purple and blues really bring out brown eyes! One of the key parts of the 5o’s makeup look is the eyeliner flick, the size and length of your flick may depend on the occasion (or how steady your hand is!) and can look great on any age but I would soften the line with a cotton bud for a casual day look or if its worn on a more mature eye.

     Lucy Jayne x

  • 'Born Pretty' Affordable Makeup Brush Review

  • Makeup Brush Review

    I recently came across the Born Pretty Website. They have an abundance of makeup brushes and beauty products at really reasonable prices. Normally when something is ‘reasonable’ the quality suffers so I thought I would try out a couple of brushes and a creme eyeliner. In my opinion, you can never have too many makeup brushes and I am always on the lookout for the perfect eyeliner.

    I have always used a flat foundation brush to apply the product and then another to buff in the foundation so I wanted to try out the Tapered Face Brush. The bristles are ultra-soft goat hair and the tapered tip is great for applying the foundation and also buffing it into the skin.

    The shape is perfect for blending foundation into any hard to reach areas with better precision than using a flat brush. I used this brush to apply my everyday foundation (Ester Lauder Doublewear) it is medium/full coverage foundation so I like to blend it in to avoid it looking heavy on my skin.

    I was really happy with this brush and the shape of it is fab for using with any cream blushes as it blends so well without holding too much product.

    tapered born pretty makeup brush
    Makeup Brush

    born pretty store angled brush
    Makeup Brush

    The second brush I used was the Born Pretty Angled Face Brush. I used this with my cream bronzer (Chanel Universel Bronzing Makeup Base). Too much of this bronzer can make my skin look too dark so I like to apply a small amount and build up the desired colour by lots of blending and a little contouring on my cheekbones/jawbone.

    This brush worked well as it is so soft it didn’t create any harsh lines. The soft shape was great for subtle contouring and adding powder blush onto the apples of my cheeks.

    Some brushes have hairs that fall out which can be a bit of a pain (even some of my most expensive brushes do!). These don’t!! 

    adofee waterproof eyeliner

    I wanted to try out the Adofee Waterproof Cream Eyeliner. The packaging and product is very similar to the Maybelline Cream Liner and it comes with a portable brush (very handy!). The size and tapered flat edge worked well to give the perfect eyeliner flick but the liner wasn’t as waterproof as I had hoped.

    It lasted a good 10-12 hrs but was a bit smudged by the end of the day. I would still carry on using it as its great value and the colour is very deep black. 

    Here I am using the Born Pretty Brushes and Eyeliner in my everyday makeup routine. I will be using these products for myself and my clients!

    The finished look. Ta-Da!!

    finished makeup look

    If you would like to purchase any of the Born Pretty Products they have given me a discount code for my lovely followers!

    Discount Code: LJH10


    Lucy Jayne xx

    For More Product Reviews follow this link

  • Kent Wedding Awards 2013

  • I was shortlisted for the Beauty Award at the Kent Wedding Awards 2013. YAY!!! The Awards Ceremony was at the Mercure Hotel in Maidstone and it was very exciting to be getting glammed up for a great night out with my friends, family and other wedding professionals. Unfortunately, I didn’t win in my category this year but there is still next year!

    My lovely friend Vicki Lord won in her category for Wedding Hair Stylist and it was completely deserved. Congratulations!  She was responsible for my HUGE beehive, I had a lot of compliments!

    Lucy Jayne xx

    kent wedding awards
    kent wedding awards
    kent wedding awards
    kent wedding awards
  • Alternative Bridal Makeup Inspiration. Green eyes and hair feathers!

  • As a bridal makeup artist, it’s not very often that I get asked to create an alternative bridal makeup look. When I met Lynsey her bridal style was definitely a little different… After her consultation, we decided her style was more ‘Ethereal Woodland Fairy’ than ‘Classic Bride’ and the more gold leaf and glitter the better!

    She explained that the wedding was also going to be on stage in a gothic woodland scene hand made by her fiancé. AMAZING!

    Admittedly Lynsey’s makeup was a bit crazier at her trial, multicoloured crystals, gold leaf and glitter. On the wedding day, it was a slightly tamer version. Her hair was done first by the wonderful Vicki Lord and it had a distinct avant-garde feel with feathers and green hairpieces. I felt like it would have been overpowering if the makeup was as dramatic as Lynsey’s hair. Vicki and I wanted the elements to compliment Lynsey’s alternative style not conflict with it. Lynsey also had a change of heart about the mix of golden-green eyeshadow and gold leaf, so we stuck with greens and silvers.

    We kept all of the emphasis around the eyes with strong green shading and big eyeliner flicks. The added drama was created by strip lashes and little crystals scattered around one eye. Lynsey’s skin was beautiful so I just used a lightweight foundation with loads of highlighter. This gives a flawless dewy finish.

    Here are my behind the scenes pics Lynsey’s alternative bridal makeup.

    Professional shots from Miki Studios.

    Alternative Bridal Makeup Face Chart
    Bridal Makeup Face Chart
    Alternative Bridal Makeup. Green hair extensions and feathers
    Hair Prep. Green Hair Extensions and Feathers
    Green eyeshadow and crystals
    Green Eyeshadow and Crystals
    Cool Alternative Bridal Makeup in Kent
    Alternative Bridal Makeup
    Lynsey, cool alternative bride
    Lynsey, Gorgeous Alternative Bride
    Bridesmaid Makeup
    Bridesmaid’s Makeup

    Miki Studios Lucy Jayne Makeup & Hair by Vicki Lord

    alternative bridal makeup
    alternative bridal makeup

    I have been very excited about seeing this wedding and it didn’t disappoint! Check out Miki Photography’s blog for some very cool wedding photos!!

    Lynsey & Neil Theatrical Wedding



  • Transform your wedding style with Retro Bridal Makeup Inspiration: 1920s -1970s

  • When it comes to picking a style for your big day, you need something that will make you look and feel fabulous.  Choosing a trendy makeup look that is a passing fad will only make the look date quickly.  When you look back on the photos of your special day you want to feel proud and nostalgic, not cringe wondering what you were thinking.  You want a look that stands out from your daily makeup routine, something flattering and beautiful. 

    This is why so many brides opt for a vintage or retro bridal makeup look.  From the 1920s to the 1970s there is a whole array of stunning looks to be inspired by.  Whether you opt for a vintage dress with matching accessories and hair and makeup that are true to the era or choose the vintage makeup to go with your classic or modern dress, there are many ways to wear vintage.

    The 1920s

    In the 1920s the flapper style was massive, there was something slightly androgynous about the style and hair was cropped.  The makeup from this era is a beautiful choice for your wedding day as it radiates traditional Hollywood glamour. 

    The ideal 1920s base is matt porcelain foundation to create the silver screen starlet look.  Red lips were very popular in the 1920s, but rather than a shocking shade of poppy think more crushed raspberry or blushing rose.  Lip stain also has a 1920s vibe to it!  If red is too strong for you or you’d rather something more subtle for your wedding day, then perhaps opt for a plum or claret coloured lip stain. 

    Smokey grey eyes were very popular in the 1920s, and coal was often used to create this sexy smokey effect.  Luckily these days we can use eyeshadow, kohl liner and plenty of blending to pull off the look instead!  Don’t forget to add little flicks of liquid liner.  For the blush, a healthy flushed glow was order of the day.  You need to look like you’ve been dancing the Charleston!  To really look convincing team it with a little beauty spot, they were all the rage in the 1920s.

    retro bridal makeup 1920's Bride
    1920’s Bride
    retro bridal makeup 1920s Bridal Makeup
    1920s Retro Bridal Makeup

    The 1930s

    The glamour and feeling of luxury were the same as the 1920s but things were a little less theatrical and dramatic when it came to makeup.  If you’re after a 1930s fashion look you’ll want to aim for screen siren more than the average girl.  The economy was in crisis, but in Hollywood, it was all lashings of silk, diamonds and cocktails.  Think Art Deco, think luxury, think sexy slinky figure-hugging dresses. 

    As for the makeup, more natural shade of foundation was preferred, enhanced with a touch of pale pink blush.  In the early 1930s, no rouge or blush was used at all, but later on, a little touch became fashionable.  Soft purple and raspberry became were the most common blush shades.  The smoky eyeshadow look evolved, with a darker shade used in the eye socket to give a deep-set effect.  Popular eye shadow colours were bright blue, violet, green and brown. 

    Eyebrows were plucked until they were very thin and pencilled in with long exaggerated lines, they would then be slicked down with petroleum jelly.  Drawing in a fake elongated cupids bow was fashionable, and lipstick shades such as pale pink and raspberry were popular at the beginning of the decade, but by the latter half rich reds became favourable again.

    retro bridal makeup 1930s Bridal Makeup
    1930s Retro Bridal Makeup

    The 1940s

    The war had a massive impact on the fashions of the 1940s, and wedding gowns tended to be very minimalist because of it.  Most 1940s wedding gowns incorporated a sweetheart neckline and Basque waist.  If you love the 1940s, you may rather a 1940s style swing dress than the traditional wedding dress of the era. 

    Team this style with victory curls, and an authentic retro bridal makeup look.  The makeup of the 1940s evolved to become much more natural.  Face powder was still popular, but a heavy base wasn’t as popular as it had been in previous decades.  Bright flushed cheeks warmed up the more natural skin palette, and grey and browns eyeshadows were favoured with a small hint of eyeliner. 

    The over-plucked eyebrow look was fading and a more natural look was preferred, though a more natural shaped brow was still shaped, defined and preened.  Lips were made to look full and soft, often by drawing in a fake top line.  Shades of red were very popular in lipstick, covered the brightest blood red to tangerine tinted to deep scarlets and crimsons.

    Vintage Retro Bridal Makeup
    1940s Retro Bridal Makeup

    The 1950s

    For the 1950s wedding look, think tea-length dresses, vintage lace and pin curls.  The post-war austerity was over, it was time for a new flavour of glamour to be released. 

    The 1950s face used a thick creamy foundation base, set with just a dusting of flesh coloured powder.  Eyebrows were neatly tapered and defined with pencil and eyeliner was winged.  The length and depth of the wing depended on personal choice and just how glamorous you wanted to be, with filmstars opting for a dramatic look and the average woman opting for a softer style. 

    Glamorous red lips were hugely popular in this period, most women followed their natural lipline while stars of the silver screen exaggerated the cupids bow with a false line.  Pastels were very popular, especially pinks and peaches.  Eyeshadow was subtle, with the focus being on the lashes and sexy winged eyeliner.  The whole look was set off by a tiny application of subtle blush on the apple of the cheeks.

    Vintage Retro Bridal Makeup
    1950s Retro Bridal Makeup

    The 1960s

    The overall style of the 1960s is rebellious and coquettish, think cropped hair, mini skirts and the pillbox hat.  The makeup that epitomises this era was sexy and liberated.  Some girls favoured the natural look, but for others, the makeup style was beautifully glamorous. 

    The foundation was formed from pressed powder, finished with peachy natural blusher.  Pastel eyeshadows were very popular, shades such as baby blue or a light shade of golden-green really sum up this era.  Dramatic eyeliner was still popular, but rather than the elegant flicks of the 1950s, the 1960s look was heavier with a blunter line.   False eyelashes were on trend and really created the doe-eyed look that is associated with this period. 

    Eyebrows were thick and well-defined, yet neat and well-kept.  The most popular lip look was to use a pale pink or nude lip liner to define your natural lipline and then to fill in your lips with a shell-pink lip gloss or pale pink shimmery lipstick. 

    60's Retro Bridal Makeup
    60s Retro Bridal Makeup

    The 1970s 

    The sense of freedom and self-expression that started in the 1960s was even stronger by the time the 1970s came into play.  A strong sense of the bohemian is the way to really sum up the 1970s style.  Long flowing gowns, embroidery and floral garlands with loose wavy hair are a perfect way, to sum up, this time. 

    For the makeup, like the 1960s, there were still those who embraced the natural look.  These were the girls who were rebelling against the immaculate idea of the 1950s housewife that their mothers had been.  On the other hand, there was a different type of rebellion going on.  Disco culture and avant-garde punk!  The disco look used glitter and gloss and an abundance of shimmer.  The punk look involves the serious helping of rock-chick style, lashings of glossy red lipstick and smudgy smoky eye makeup.

     The makeup of this time was very expressive and individual.  Gone were the soft pastels and delicate tones of former decades, replaced instead with harsh strips of blusher, strong colour palettes, unnaturally pale skin and dramatic brows.  Lipliner was out, but making a statement was certainly in.

    70s Bridget Bardot retro bridal makeup
    70s Bridget Bardot Makeup
    1970s Vintage Retro Bridal Makeup
    1970s Retro Bridal Makeup

    Each decade had its own distinct retro bridal makeup style.  Whether you choose to draw on aspects on a particular era or embrace it fully.  Whether you choose a more modern take on it or opt for an authentic vintage look.  Whether you go retro with just your makeup or your full attire.  There is something in the vintage makeup world for everyone, and it’s a fabulous way to look beautiful with a timeless look that will make you feel fabulous on your special day.

    For more makeup inspiration follow this link!

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