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  • Wedding Makeup for Acne. Look better with 3 Skin Tips

  • Skin Tips for wedding prep

    It’s very rare for someone to have perfect skin if you are one of those people (I am very jealous!). I have always suffered from my skin and from the age of 10 I started to get acne and now I am nearly 30 I have had only a couple of good years of great skin!

    I have constantly been on antibiotics in the hope of perfect skin and thankfully after my most recent course of an antibiotic cream, my skin is looking much better! Whenever I have had any occasion my main worry is my skin and how it will look… Will it behave? Will I have a good skin day?

    I see all of my lovely clients with bare skin and everyone is so critical of themselves. I can appreciate how hard it can be to ‘bare all’ so here are photos of me with bad skin! My most recent bout of bad skin was from October 12 – June 13. 

    wedding makeup for acne skin tips
    bad skin and acne skin tips

    I can understand that when it comes to your wedding day, having a spot (or any skin complaint) is a big worry that it will be at its worst due to the stressful lead up to the big day…. It probably won’t but I understand you need that security blanket of knowing you will look your best regardless! The one thing brides need to know is that I have products that can cover spots/acne/oily skin and will it stay covered all day?! Yes, of course!

    Skin looking better! bad skin and acne
    Skin is looking better! I still have a a few pimples and bit of scaring but its improving.

    Spots and treatment (Without getting too long winded!):

    There are many different types of acne – for some ladies, it’s hormonal, others its persistent cystic acne, food allergies, and then there are some that ‘breakout’ in stressful situations.

    The smaller spots (blackheads, whiteheads) are more on the surface of the skin and if it’s coming up to the big day and you know you suffer from either of these it may be an idea to get a few facials booked in or antibiotic cream to help shift these spots. Doing this a few months to the run-up it may help significantly. If you get these spots as well as cystic acne you may need something stronger.

    From my personal experience (after trying all of the lotions and potions and spot creams) I have always needed antibiotics for my cystic acne but it is slow working and can take up to 3 months to start working. Once it does, it makes it worthwhile! This takes a bit of forward planning and patience.

    *Antibiotics have always worked for me but there can sometimes be side effects and not all of them work so I have had to do a lot of trial and error. I understand that people’s opinions are split about this but it was a last resort after trying counter creams, homoeopathic creams, changing my diet etc.

    Beauty Treatments:

    Facials are great for improving the condition of the skin and great if you want to indulge in a bit of pampering! It works by pushing the impurities up to the surface of the skin and by doing so improves the skin’s condition.

    Initially, it may make your skin appear worse but it’s really worth booking a few treatments as it will get better and improve with each treatment.

    Skin Prep:

    I have found that most with oily skin avoid moisturiser! If you have very oily/acne skin one mistake people make is to wash a lot with heavy-duty facial washes and to avoid moisturiser (this used to be me!). The more you wash the more it strips your skin of natural oils so your sebaceous glands produce even more oil to compensate, and this also applies if you don’t use moisturiser… (Not too annoying!)

    Your skin still needs to be clean so wash twice a day with a gentle cleanser and by using a cream that’s noncomedogenic (doesn’t block pores), works with your skin that is lightweight, oil-free and tailored to oily skin. It will create a good base to then apply your makeup and will keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated and not greasy.

    Getting a Good Base:

    If you have acne it will generally mean that the surface of the skin can be bumpy so avoid anything that creates a ‘dewy’ look as products that have shimmer/shine will highlight any bumps you may have on your skin.

    Opt for a mattifying primer that helps absorb excess oils. When using foundation I don’t agree with the thicker the better, just because you have bad skin doesn’t mean you have to wear a foundation mask! You may want something that lasts longer and has a lighter coverage so the key is to look for foundations that are for ‘oily/combination’ skin types.

    Use a fuller coverage concealer on the more concentrated, bumpy and red areas. It’s a good idea to use a small brush for this as it will be a more precise way of applying the concealer to your spots. You will have really good skin in some areas and a bit rubbish in others so focus on the good bits and find a concealer that camouflages for the not-so-good bits!

    I always set the foundation with a powder, this stops any movement and keeps everything looking matt. I use a translucent (loose) setting powder, as I want to create a light veil on the skin, not another layer of a heavy product. Again for bronzers and blush’s avoid cream and shimmery products opt for matt. If you do want to incorporate that ‘dewy’ look use a highlighter high on your cheekbones and as a little tip for a pouty lip, put a tiny bit on your cupids bow!

    Here are some of the products I recommend and always have in my kit…


    Aqueous cream & Simple


    Illamasqua Matt Primer

    MAC Oil Control Lotion

    MAC Skin Refined Zone Treatment (for very oily areas)


    MAC Studio Fix Fluid

    Ester Lauder Doublewear




    MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder

    Dermablend Setting Powder

    Follow this link if you want to view my wedding makeup prep

    Hope this has been helpful! Lucy Jayne x

  • Ell and Cee Bride. How To Do '70s Editorial Makeup

  • Ell & Cee has always been distinctively bohemian but the new collection ‘Ell and Cee Bride step it up another level with some amazing pieces that will take you straight back to the ’70s.

    This look was reflected in our model Serina. She had the lightest long, pinky-blond hair and her face was adorned with hundreds of beautiful freckles… To be honest we could have just put her in the collection – no hair and makeup and it would have looked incredible. She was a dream to work with.

    Ell and Cee Bride Collection
    Ell & Cee Bridal Collection
    Serina from First Models ell and cee bride
    Serina from First Models

    Still, I had to have a bit of fun with the makeup!

    Throughout the whole shoot, her skin stayed completely natural with a bit of MAC Strobe Cream and Face and Body Foundation (no powder). I overdid the highlighting as I wanted her skin to be dewy to the max! Serina’s lips were naked but with a bit of lip balm and all of the focus was all on her eyes.

    I chopped into some heavy strip lashes to make them look a bit messier, as I wanted to create a really ‘clumpy’ look with her lashes. Once the lashes were in place, I applied layers and layers of mascara to the top and bottom lashes and smudged in kohl pencil along the lash line.

    70s Bridget Bardot Makeup ell and cee bride
    70s Bridget Bardot Makeup

    The second look stayed the same with the addition of messy gold glitter and colourful gems underneath her eyes and cheekbones to give that Festival Woodstock feels. Oh and a few more layers of mascara!!

    Woodstock Festival Makeup ell and cee bride
    Woodstock Festival Makeup

    I gave texture to Serina’s hair with some Surf Spray and backcombing. I then gave it a bit more of a hippie vibe with a few mini fishtail braids. 

    My inspiration behind the makeup was Kirsten Dunst in the Virgin Suicides…Such a beautiful, dreamy film! You need to check it out!

    Lucy Jayne x



    Makeup & Hair:



    Serina @ FIRST Models 


  • Vintage Bride Inspiration & Testimonial. Mrs Fox's Kind Words.

  • Vintage Bride Inspiration

    It always lovely to hear from my brides after their big day, I have kept in touch with Lisa and it as great to hear how busy she has been with her new business since getting married.  Her vintage style and her creativity when it came to her wedding were amazing and so interesting I am not surprised this is the path she has gone down, and I am sure it won’t be long until she has a cute little vintage shop somewhere. Her custom made bouquet that played a big part in her day was simply beautiful I am sure I will have future brides telling me about their bespoke bouquets from Mrs Fox’s Finery!

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    “It was around seven months before the wedding (to my wonderful wife who puts up with me) that I started looking for a make-up artist. I was already thirteen months into planning the day and the wedding scrapbook had turned into two. I had my dress, the bouquet that I had made myself and perhaps most importantly the shoes. It’s safe to say I was a woman on a mission.

    Hand Made Bouquet and Molono Blahnik Wedding Shoes. kent bride
    What amazing shoes! The bouquet was handmade by Lisa!

     The issue I had when looking for a make-up artist was that I knew what I wanted – to look like a classic film star from the 1950s (if that was possible), but the people I found either wanted to charge me a lot more to travel to Kent or wouldn’t come out to make-over ‘just two people’.  

    When I came across Lucy’s website and saw the beautiful picture of a vintage bride that she had worked with I was so happy. I also really liked how friendly she looked in her profile picture. So I emailed away in early July 2012 and crossed my fingers hoping Lucy would be free. She emailed back right away: ‘Yes I am available and love the vintage style!’ Needless to say, I was a very happy bride to be.

    Vintage Bridal Makeup by Lucy Jayne. kent bride
    Vintage Bridal Makeup

      On top of having someone who could create the look, I was after for my special day I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with them. After all, having someone you don’t know very well in your home on the biggest day of your life was a big deal for me. I had planned to only have a few people with me on the morning of the wedding and so it was important to me that we got along.  

     Lucy rocked up to my home in November (the day before my hen party) for my try out. As she arrived my best friend and I just looked at each other – we knew she was perfect. Lucy brought along all of her equipment (there was a lot) and her big smile. She asked lots of questions about the day to get an idea of what I wanted. It was a great excuse for me to do some ‘show and tell’. Lucy may have wished she hadn’t asked:

    Lisa's Wedding Scrap book. kent bride
    Lisa's Wedding Scrap Book kent bride


                        I was so pleased I had the try out. Before that day I hadn’t made the decision whether to wear glasses or not. I had been a little worried about it and at that point was still unsure. Lucy reassured me and said that there was no hurry to decide, she explained that whatever I went for (with or without) she could make it work. When she said she hadn’t had a bride wear glasses before, it got me thinking……

     The try out was fun, Lucy penciled in my eyebrows that I really liked and hadn’t done before. She tried the same look on my best friend who just didn’t look like herself but was good to give it a go. I also went for extra eyelashes, which gave my lashes some more volume but still kept the natural look I like. I wouldn’t have thought about this without Lucy’s help.

     We looked great at the end of it. Lucy made notes of everything that was used and explained that we needed to wear for the rest of the day and let her know if we didn’t like anything or we had any issues. It was nice to know we could change our minds; we in fact did email her back to say I wanted bigger flicks!  So once Lucy had packed up and left in her fabulous little car we had pizza in our pyjamas that night looking very glamorous. I was pleased I could tick one more thing off the list.

     When it came to the wedding day Lucy was amazing and it was really nice to have her around. The hairstylist I had found was also called Lucy so that was easy to remember and they got on well!

    I did have a last-minute wedding nightmare when the wife-to-be called to let me know a really close friend of mine (a great talent in her own right, she made my wedding hat seen below) couldn’t make the day as her daughter was very ill. I was so upset and worried that I made a quick call to check in with her. I cried, she cried and then I went into planning mode as I filled their spaces and contacted my other close friend who was at the venue setting up bits for me so she could update the table names.  It was a nightmare but Lucy just took it all in her stride. 

    Lisa kent bride Getting Ready on the Wedding Day
    Vintage kent bride Bridal Makeup Preparation
    Lisa's kent bride vintage wedding makeup nearly finished...
    Getting individual lashes applied on the wedding morning kent bride


    As I was having my make-up done my mind wandered, I had so many thoughts running around in my head I didn’t really think about the make-over or what Lucy was up to. When I was given the mirror after she finished I couldn’t believe it. I really did feel like a film star. Lucy had done a truly amazing job. She had got what I liked, who I was and made the make-up fit. That’s talent. 

    I managed to have a photo with Lucy as I was putting my dress on which I was pleased about. She was so worried about getting red lipstick on my dress from her hands but by that point, I didn’t care, I was going to be married in a few hours and all the worrying was over. I was to become Mrs Fox. She gave my best friend some make-up for the rest of the day but we didn’t need it.

    Lucy Jayne and Bride Lisa Fox. kent bride

    Since the wedding I have started on my next project in life, ‘Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies’. Selling my vintage treasures and brooch bouquets, adding a little sparkle into the world. I am trading at local fairs in South London and Kent. All part of the ten years plans to get that vintage shop! If you like vintage, discovering hidden treasures and quirky places to explore then follow me on my blog and website to see how I get on in the modern world when I am very much old school. Lucy is of course on the list of people I always have on hand.”

    Lisa Fox (Vintage Bride)


    (Photos courtesy of Ian Booth Photography)

  • Festival Brides featured in Perfect Wedding Magazine

  • Perfect Wedding Press with the Festival Brides
    Perfect Wedding Press with the Festival Brides

    Perfect Wedding Magazine September issue has an 8 page feature of the beautifully  bohemian, Festival Bride Photoshoot!

    It was an amazing shoot to be part of and everyone involved was part of the wedding industry so it was a great way to meet like minded creatives that love the idea of creating something a little different for the alternative bride.

    With different looks: Woodstock, Vibrant Feathers and Electric Boho I knew that it wasn’t going to be your average “wedding shoot” and couldn’t wait to get out my glitter, feathers, stars and face paints!

    I can’t wait to show you some of my favourite shots but will have to wait a little while longer.

    Check out everyone that contributed – Especially if you are planning a wedding!……



    Wedding Stylist:

    Bridal Boutique:



    (I would like to thank Chhimmi for assisting me!!

    Perfect Wedding Feature with the Festival Brides


    Perfect Wedding Feature with the Festival Brides
    Perfect Wedding Feature with the Festival Brides


  • 4 Reasons Why Booking a Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day is Essential

  • Everyone wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Not only will every eye in the house be on the bride, and will be the most photographed you’ll ever be. You’ll also want to be at your most gorgeous when you commit to your husband.  All of these factors, plus the fact that your wedding is the biggest excuse you’ll ever have to truly pamper yourself means that booking a makeup artist for your wedding is one of those bridal essentials.  

    mature bridal makeup preston court wedding venue
    Photography Credit:

    So how do you choose a makeup artist?

    The first thing to do is look through their portfolio. My website has a number of examples of previous clients and showcases the rich variety of modern, bohemian, vintage and classic looks that I have achieved.  You’ll also see that I can adapt each look to work with each client’s individual look and personality as well as the wedding itself. Once you’re happy with the makeup artist’s work, it can be an idea to scroll through the testimonials. They are a great way of gauging how happy previous clients are and what to expect from the service. Finally, you need to speak with the makeup artist. I am always happy to chat things through with potential clients. I want your big day to go as smoothly as possible and will do all I can to answer your questions and put you at ease. I believe a makeup artist shouldn’t just be a skilled individual, it’s equally important that they can help the bride relax as she prepares for the biggest day of her life.  I feel so privileged to share these special moments with so many beautiful brides and to contribute to their wedding day.   

    When to book your makeup artist:

    You need to book as early as possible. I get booked up way in advance and would hate to disappoint anyone. Ideally, you’ll have chosen your theme, colour scheme and dress before you have your trial. That way we can really work together to utilise these elements when creating the perfect look for you. I would suggest booking your trial around 2-3 months before the wedding. If you are planning on having fake tan, you need to experiment with that around this time and it’s an idea to come to the trial with the tan you intend on getting married in. Same goes for hair colour. Although, I can adapt to skin and hair colourings very easily, you’ll feel much more confident if you have established the exact look with time to spare. If you are planning on having your brows shaped professionally, it is wise to do this just before the trial too. Your eyebrows really frame your face and it can be surprising how different a different brow shape can make you look. 

    What to expect from your consultation:

    In the meantime keep magazine cuttings and celebrity looks that inspire you and bring them along when you meet me. I can recreate them to suit your facial features and colouring, and to tie in with the rest of your look and the wedding itself. Don’t worry if you don’t have a clue where to start, I can suggest some styles that will look incredible on you and try them out until we have something that you absolutely adore. I pride myself on creating the bride’s vision and have always been spot on. I want you to look back on your photos with pride, and that’s why I always create looks that are timeless and capture my client’s nature beauty. I love to get feedback during the trial, be constructive and let me know your thoughts and I’ll make you look a million dollars! I will happily keep tweaking until we have a look that you are completely happy with.    It’s a good idea to book your makeup trial and hair trial for the same day, to see how the styles work together. Ideally, you’ll have your hair styled first as certain hairstyles bring out different features and I can work your makeup to tie in with this. It’s also an idea if you wear an outfit with a colour in a similar shade to your wedding dress.  Different colours will have a different impact on your skin tone and give a different impression.  

    Looking after your skin:

    Looking after your skin is vital in the run up to the wedding. Not only is flawless skin an integral part of the final makeup look, but all the stress in the build up to the wedding can lead to break outs or dry skin. It takes around a month for your skin to renew itself so you need to get into a good skincare routine at least a month before the big day. This doesn’t just mean religiously cleansing and toning and using treatments, but also drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. You may also want to take a vitamin supplement that is made to boost your skin’s health. As well as cleansing and moisturising twice a day, it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality eye cream, use a face mask at least month a week and exfoliate every other day. Facials are a great way to boost your skin’s radiance and get a really thorough cleanse. It’s a good idea to start getting monthly facials 6 months before the big day. This means that by the time of your trial your skin will be in great condition. If you know you don’t react to a specific facial, it can be nice to get one the week before the wedding for optimum skin on the big day. 

    It’s not your job to worry about timings. The makeup artist, hairstylist and photographer will sort the timetable out. You just need to chill out, sip champagne, get pampered and prepare for the best day of your life!  LJ x

    mature bridal makeup preston court wedding venue
    Photography Credit:
  • Bridal Makeup Style - Are you a Vintage, Boho, Classic Bride??

  • Bridal Makeup Style Inspiration

    At the moment its non-stop wedding season and I have just completed my third wedding of the week and I am ready to do the same again next week.
    I thought I would upload some of my bridal work and ask the question… What is your bridal makeup style?! Already this week I have had a ‘Classic Bride’, ‘Vintage Bride’ and ‘Bohemian Bride”.

    Last year Vintage bridal makeup was huge and is still very popular. Some brides like to go full-on and others slightly toned down (eyeliner flick, bold lips not necessarily together). I feel that this year it is all about the ‘Bohemian Bride’! This involves looking a bit more 70’s and free-spirited in the style of head-dress and the wedding dress not being too structured. I personally love this look and I think its something I would go for!

    The makeup base is a lot more natural and fresh with more emphasis on the eyes and cheeks creating a look that is striking but looks effortless. I think my modern style icons for this look are the Olsen’s. They love to rock a smudgy smokey eye but I think for bridal it does need to look a lot cleaner. I like to opt for Bridget Bardot/Olsen mix with some full strip lashes thrown in for good measure

    Check out my behind the scenes pictures of recent brides that had a gorgeous bohemian feel to their wedding style and makeup!

    Boho Bride in Kent bridal makeup style
    Boho Bride
    Boho Bridal makeup style in Kent
    Boho Bride

    LJ x

  • Festival Brides Love Lucy Jayne Makeup

  • Here is a little feature from the Festival Brides Blog

     It is a huge compliment to get featured on such an awesome wedding blog. 

    Lucy Jayne is an award-winning makeup artist and one of our favourite MUAs to collaborate with!! She is always up for a shoot in the middle of a muddy woodland or field often in the freezing cold! She has also been known to work in some pretty dusty barns! She’s an extremely passionate artist who can turn her hand to pretty much any look or style.

    Bohemian Bridal Makeup by Lucy Jayne
    When it comes to bridal make-up Lucy prides herself on creating her bride’s vision and her interpretations have always been spot on.
    Lucy says ‘What I have learnt from my brides is that they don’t want to look back at their pictures and think ‘what was I thinking?’ They want a look that is timeless, that captures their natural beauty and also their personality.
    Bohemian Bridal Makeup by Lucy Jayne
    Bohemian Bridal Makeup by Lucy Jayne
    Lucy always tries to have as many pictures of varied make-up styles for brides to look through and be inspired by. Lucy loves that bridal make-up isn’t so traditional any more, ‘brides like to push the boundaries especially as they see celebrities on the red carpet looking glamorous and are becoming a lot braver with their own make-up.’
    Wedding Makeup in Kent
    Lucy Jayne’s bridal make-up tips:
    1. Your skin is the most important thing for your make-up to look flawless, so it needs to be looked after. Cleanse and moisturise and think about booking some facials in the months leading up to the wedding.
    2. Your make-up is an important part of your overall look so if you are not confident when it comes to make-up and don’t have a make-up style in mind, look into celebrity styles that you like or you think will suit you. Your make-up artist will help with inspiration! They should take into consideration your dress, personal make-up style, wedding style, colour themes, your natural colouring and facial features to create a make-up look that is perfect (and of course making sure you still look like you!)
    3. Be constructive, remember you are paying for their service so if you are not happy with anything then say so. A good make-up artist should factor in time to make changes and tweak things until you are 100% happy with your finished look.
    4. Try to coordinate your hair and make-up trial on the same day so you can see your finished beauty look together (try to wear a colour close to your wedding dress because anything patterned or bright can be distracting).
    5. Don’t panic about timings on the wedding day, your make-up artist, hairstylist and photographer should give you a timetable so the morning flows nicely and is as enjoyable as possible… All you need to worry about is getting up and what time you will be opening the champers!
    For more Free-Spirited Bridal Inspiration…
  • Wedding in a Bird Park

  • One of my favourite brides (Cara) from last year is featured in this months Perfect Wedding Magazine. She had a truly unique DIY style and got married in the most unusual, but beautiful location. She had her wedding in a bird park! The venue wasn’t decorated and she hadn’t tried on her dress let alone seen it finished until the morning of the wedding… Not sure how other brides would have felt about that?! She was so laid back it didn’t worry her.

    It all looked amazing and came together on time!!!

    Check out Cara’s wedding in a bird park feature

    wedding in a bird park
    Real Bride in Perfect Wedding Magazine
    Real Bride in Perfect Wedding Magazine



    Perfect Wedding Magazine

  • Festival Brides Blog Photoshoot

  • Festival Brides Blog ‘Meadowfest’

    I was approached to do hair and makeup for what sounded like a very exciting bridal photoshoot! The ladies behind the Festival Brides Blog organised this uber-cool collaboration of wedding suppliers to create something awesome!

    This shoot was different from the usual ‘fluffy’ bridal photoshoot. It was a festival inspired and on-trend for any alternative brides.

    The best thing was that I would get to be creative with face paints, glitter and stars. #DREAMJOB

    The location was the idyllic House Meadow in Kent and I totally fell in love with this place. The photoshoot shoot was styled with beautiful scenery, horses, meadow flowers, bell tents, bunting and beautiful bridal gowns. It was magical!

    Here is the beauty inspiration behind the shoot

    Hair and Makeup Inspiration

    Some behind the scenes pictures from this amazing photoshoot. 

    Festival stars and wavy hair
    Boho Bridal Makeup and Fishtail Plait
    Amazing Styling

    My favourite final images!!

    festival brides blog
    Festival Inspired Photoshoot
    Festival Inspired Photoshoot
    Festival Inspired Photoshoot
    Festival Inspired Photoshoot
    Festival Inspired Photoshoot
    Festival Inspired Photoshoot

    Here are all of the amazing people that worked their magic on this shoot!

    Wedding Blog:

    Wedding Photographer:

    Wedding Stylist:

    Bridal Boutique:



    Chhimmi my hair and makeup assistant:

    For more boho bridal inspiration click this link