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  • Bridal Makeup Trial - 7 ways to get the best experience.

  • bridal makeup trial

    How to prepare for your bridal makeup trial.

    Here are some handy tips for brides to consider when booking a bridal makeup consultation & trial. 

    What is the difference between a consultation and trial? 

    Your bridal makeup appointment will last approximately two hours and the consultation and trial are normally done at the same appointment. 

    The Consultation

    All of your makeup requirements will be discussed, you and your artist will look at any inspiration you may have. This is also a good time to go through your wedding day timings and put together the running times of the morning. 

    The Trial

    This is the full run-through of your wedding day makeup, the artist will apply the makeup in the way they think you want to look. It may be perfect on the first go but with your guidance, changes can be made and eyelashes applied if required. You shouldn’t leave disheartened so please voice any concerns if you are not 100% happy. Makeup artists are perfectionists and people pleasers so we want you to love everything about your experience. We want you to tell us if something isn’t right.

    If you can book your hair and makeup on the same day it is helpful seeing your bridal beauty look come together. I recommend booking early with your makeup artist and hairstylist and hopefully if the dates work you can be accommodated on the same trial day.

    Before social media brides used to ‘scrapbook’ makeup and hair looks from magazines (some still do) which was so cute. Now life is so much easier with Pinterest if you haven’t discovered the rabbit hole of inspiration you should take a look! It’s easy to make virtual mood boards of the different aspects of your wedding.

    It’s a good idea to bring along any inspiration you have to your bridal makeup trial. whether it’s one picture on your phone or 20 on a Pinterest board it doesn’t matter. It helps your artist visualise your bridal look a get a ‘feel’ of the day. They will also love to see photos of your wedding dress, colour scheme, bridesmaid dresses, hairstyle etc. 

    Wedding blogs are also great for inspiration! 

    If you haven’t already, check these out:

    Spray tan and Lashes

    If you choose to have a spray tan it’s your prerogative and it shouldn’t be an issue for your makeup artist. They can always match your skin colour if it changes by the wedding day from spray tan or natural tan. It’s going to be helpful for you to see how the makeup looks on the skin tone you plan to have on the wedding day. If you think you may have a spray tan on the wedding day, book in a tan before your bridal makeup trial.

    For example, in the winter my natural undertones are pink (cool undertones), but when I have a tan-especially fake tan, they change to yellow (warm undertones). Depending on what tone your skin is will have an effect on the overall finished makeup look. 

    Do you love eyelashes? If you do and always wear them, you could bring the style you like to be sure the makeup artist has something comparable and if not they could source them. If you don’t like ‘the lash look’ please be open minded. It’s a great idea to see your finished makeup look with mascara and then a few natural cluster lashes can be added to give subtle definition. I think a few additional lashes can be the icing on top of the cake. I promise you will be converted!

    What to wear at your bridal makeup trial

    Think about what style of top you choose to wear. Imagine trying to envisage your soft and romantic makeup look with a neon hoodie! Pretty distracting right? Opt for a Neutral top. It doesn’t have to be ivory but just as long as the colour is soft it won’t be distracting. You will really get to feel it coming together. 

    Who are you bringing with you?

    Who are you bringing with you to the trial? It goes without saying that you want someone there that you know will be supportive, give kind and honest opinions and who will enjoy the experience as well. If any members of your bridal party are also having a trial the above info applies to them as well. Obviously, they are there to feel and look beautiful too but most importantly their makeup should complement you, the bride. Not overshadow you. 

    Personal makeup style

    If there is a specific way you like your makeup done? Really sharp bold eyeliner? Or do you have products that you couldn’t live without?  Feel free to come wearing that part of your makeup so the artist can see how you like it to be done. Bring products that you love using if you want to include them in your wedding makeup. You may have an eyeshadow or lip colour you adore and want something similar to be applied in your bridal makeup.

    When to book your bridal makeup trial?

    I know it’s exciting when you get things booked with your wedding suppliers in but there is no need to rush booking your consultation and trial in. Especially if it’s a year or more until you get married. 

    However, if having your makeup applied by a stranger makes you feel anxious you should request an early trial to put your mind at ease and then book another ‘refresher’ trial closer to the wedding date. 

    I hope this has been helpful and you now know what to expect from your bridal makeup trial!

  • Makeup Photography at it's Best

  • As I continue my makeup photography journey I really wanted to work on my beauty retouching with this shoot that I organised for my own portfolio. I see so many images where the picture has been edited to the point of the skin looking like a ‘waxwork’ I wanted to understand how to do this keeping the skin looking real – pores and all. It is so important when you are photographing makeup. I wouldn’t want anything I do in post production to take away from the makeup look, colour and texture. I am so happy with the outcome… From a makeup artist and a photographers perspective! ⁠

    When I took a photography workshop I hoped to take decent behind the scenes shots for the students at my academy and of course pictures of my brides. My confidence grew with the positive feedback from the students at the academy. I started working with natural light and then moved on to experimenting with different lighting and backdrop options. Due to social media and the networking I do I have been fortunate to work with lots of beautiful faces that are happy to model at the academy and also model for students portfolios. It’s great that my photography contributes to their modelling portfolios and that everyone benefits from the collaboration.

    Makeup Photography Student Experience

    I’m glad that I can offer behind the scenes photos of my students in action and now I have a professional photo shoot experience.

    To have a look at the 1-2-1 photoshoot that we offer at the Lucy Jayne Makeup Academy click this link:

    Look beautiful naturally with LoveLula, the world's natural beauty shop. Free delivery over £15. Shop now!
  • 3 Reasons to go Cruelty Free

  • 3 reasons it’s easier than ever to go cruelty-free with your make up

    While makeup can help tie a fantastic look together, beauty should never come at a price. With one to two hundred thousand animals dying each year in order to test cosmetic products worldwide; being able to choose brands that don’t harm animals is more important than it has ever been. 

    So, here are three simple reasons why it’s easier than ever to go fully cruelty-free when it comes to choosing your makeup. 

    cruelty free makeup
    Some cruelty free brands in my kit: BECCA, Urban Decay, Mistair & NYX

    These are strict guidelines

    While animal testing was once the norm, recent legislation has seen it banned outright throughout the EU. The Cosmetics Directive was adopted in 2004 and outright banned the testing of animals, adding restrictions on ingredient testing since 2009. While this is a huge positive for animal lovers, the legislation does not restrict companies from conducting testing in other countries that may require harmful procedures to fulfil the legal obligations for their products.

    Luckily, a ban on selling cosmetics that have been tested on animals was brought into force in March 2013 – fully preventing the sale of items that are not 100% cruelty-free. This can still be an issue when it comes to making purchases online or buying products from other countries. 4,977, 239 animals were tested on in New South Wales alone last year.

    They are clearly labelled

    If you do purchase the majority of your cosmetics online, it’s easy to be concerned that testing was involved in their creation. Thankfully, there are a wealth of online resources available to help ensure you do not purchase items by mistake. Reliable cosmetic products should possess a ‘cruelty free’ label known as a Leaping Bunnyand are the international standard for helping you and other consumers buy cosmetics that are ethically sound. Visiting their website will give access to a long-list of over 1000 brands that are fully certified. In order to make the list, companies have to allow Leaping Bunny to examine their supply chain and submit to regular intensive audits.

    Alternatively, looking for the PETA rabbit can help understand the origin of products made in the US and searching the small print on the back of your item can quickly help you find products that are specifically labelled as “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals”. 

    There are a number of companies that care

    When it comes to finding out what companies embrace cruelty, it’s easy to find lists of companies that do or do not test their products on animals. Many businesses build their brand on refusing to test on animals. Along with checking out Leaping Bunny, a number of vegan or health adjacent brands will go out of their way to ensure that their products are sourced ethically. If that doesn’t suit your needs, there are a range of other brands that put sustainable practice and the rejection of animal testing at the centre of their brand. This can help raise awareness of their business, pivot themselves to appeal to an international audience and place a positive idea at the centre of their company. 

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  • Clinique Super City Block BB Compact Review

  • I think I may have found the one!… Well the perfect BB Cream anyway; the Clinique Super City Block BB Cream! At the moment my makeup routine is super minimal due to my little lady needing my attention 24/7 so putting a bit of slap on has gone from a luxurious 10 minutes to two minutes, if I am lucky!! (With my lack of sleep I need all the help I can get). Anything that makes this part of my morning run a bit smoother whilst making me look like I’m less tired is worth trying!

    The product that I am crushing on big time is the NEW Super City Block BB Cushion Compact SPF 50

    The Super City Block BB Cushion Compact SPF 50 a multitasking formula that delivers high broad-spectrum SPF protection, instant hydration and buildable coverage. This breakthrough fluid makeup in a cushion compact provides longwearing, breathable coverage while rich antioxidants shield skin from environmental aggressors, all in one‐step.

    Through innovative technology, a liquid BB cream is imbedded into a cushiony sponge, that is housed within an airtight engine that snaps into a portable compact. The applicator sponge in combination with the formula creates an unexpected cooling sensation that leaves skin ultra-refreshed and energised.

    The Details

    • Its airy formula adheres to skin for a seamless, perfected natural matte finish. Moderate buildable coverage that lasts for 8 hours.
    • All-physical, high‐level UVA/UVB sun protection. Paired with anti‐oxidants help to protect skin from harsh city life.
    • The applicator in combination with the innovative formula leaves skin with a refreshing, cooling feeling.
    • Provides sweat and humidity resistance while controlling oil and shine for hours.
    • Suitable for full-face application or on the go touch‐ups.
    • Available in 8 shades

    NEW Super City Block BB Cushion Compact SPF 50 RRP £30.00/ €40.00

    Available exclusively at Fenwicks from July 2016!

    Clinique super city Bb review
    Clinique super city Bb review

    They say that a BB cream is the only product you will need after you wash your face. This is the first time I have properly used a BB cream on a daily basis and I have to agree! I still use a moisturiser but this BB is a light to medium coverage that’s very build-able. Another plus point to this is that is covers my post pregnancy pigmentation across my forehead and top lip. Extra coverage is definitely needed here and the sponge is great for adding more product to the areas that need it.

    There is no need for primer and the finish is really silky so my skin still looks like skin. So that’s high sun protection ✔️ no need for primer ✔️ and no powder ✔️✔️
    It’s not completely perfect as its not as long lasting as I would hope but the compact is east to use and you can reapply as needed.

    Here are the products I used to create my (very quick) everyday makeup (all available from Fenwick):

    Moisture Surge
    Super City Block BB Compact in 02 Moderately Fair
    High Impact Mascara
    Chubby Stick in 07 Super Strawberry

    Soleil Tan Bronzer
    Benefit Brow Zings
    Clinique super city Bb compact review
    My super quick makeup routine! Ta-da!
  • Diorskin Forever Makeup Review

  • Diorskin Forever Makeup Review

    I was really excited about trying out the new Diorskin Forever makeup range. I loved how they boasted ‘a perfect complexion on a daily basis’, so you can imagine I was eager to see if their products could live up to expectations. The main feature of their new range included a step-by-step guide to achieving this perfect complexion.

    diorskin forever makeup review

    Diorskin Forever Primer, Foundation and Setting Powder

    The guide was broken down into three stages:

    1. Primer

    The Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear primer works to provide the ‘essential first step to a high-perfection complexion’ and is potentially the most important part of the routine for creating a firm makeup base to improve hold. I felt like it actually neutralised my sallow (and sleep-deprived) skin. It made me look and feel fresh and ready to apply the next level of makeup. More importantly, though it felt light on my face and really helped to smooth out my minor imperfections.

    You can buy the primer for £29.

    1. Foundation

    The Diorskin Forever Fluid foundation gave a really nice matte complexion but its ‘melt-away formula’ meant that it gave light to medium coverage and still showed some of my freckles. I liked how it smoothed out the skin’s texture and worked well with the primer to create a soft and wearable finish. It was perfect for everyday wear and also contained SPF 35 that meant I felt protected.

    The foundation is priced at £33 and can be purchased in 12 shades.

    1. Setting Powder

    The Diorskin Forever & Ever Control powder provided was the finishing touch to the perfect complexion. The powder was so fine and translucent that it felt super silky and I loved how it smoothed out fine lines and open pores to really finish off the look. It worked really well with the foundation providing an overall finishing touch to my complexion.

    The powder is priced at £34.

    Diorskin forever review

    My no makeup (very tired) selfie!

    Diorskin Forever review

    My glowing complexion using the Diorskin Forever Primer, Foundation and Setting Powder

    By the time I’d used all three products – as outlined in their own guide – I could really see how they worked together to produce the perfect complexion. It looked natural, felt lightweight and didn’t dry out my skin.

    I’ve been using these three products for two weeks now and I really loved all of them but I wouldn’t necessarily describe the overall look as matte, it looked like it had more of a satin finish (I thing this is due to my oily skin. A more dry/normal/combination skin type you will get a more matt finish). For me, this was fine as I prefer it when my skin is a little dewy. I think the overall complexion looks really good and I would definitely recommend these for someone who wants to perfect their complexion and maintain a nice, lightweight feeling. 

    The Diorskin Forever range is available at Fenwicks Canterbury!


    Kiko Milano Cosmetics
  • Award Winning Makeup Artist

  • Award Winning Makeup Artist

    The Kent Wedding Awards 2015 was back in November, I wasn’t able to attend this year because I was at my last NCT class… and I don’t think I would have been able to stay awake past the sit-down meal. Unfortunately last year I didn’t go either because I was on my mini-moon as I had just got married – Wow what a year its been!

    I love to be part of events like this, chatting and networking with other wedding professionals that you don’t normally get to have a ‘proper’ chat with, because you are always zoned in working hard. I am the person that hates missing out but I was fine with it this year due to my sheer exhaustion of finishing up work and cooking this baby! Imagine my surprise when I sent out a text to friends that were attending, only to be told that my name had been called.

    I was the winner of the Wedding Beauty Award!!! I was over the moon and celebrated with a cup of tea and pack of biscuits (remember I am pregnant lol). Next year I will be making up for it!!

    This year has been pretty hard, but work has been a wonderful distraction to all of the other things going on in my life. Winning this award has made it a lovely end to this crazy year and I am looking forward to having a little rest… having our baby (apparently not going to be a rest) and then meeting lots of new brides in the new year!!

    Kent Wedding Awards Certificate lucy Jayne Makeup

    award winning makeup artist lucy jaynekent wedding awards 2015 winner lucy jayne makeup

    The Kent Wedding Awards

    The Awards Feature in A Kentish Ceremony Magazine

    Thanks to Catherine Hill for my lovely headshot!

    Kent Wedding awards winner logo lucy jayne makeup

  • Ell and Cee Bridal Lingerie

  • My last fashion makeup job pre maternity leave was with my fave – Ell and Cee Bridal Lingerie, shooting for their Winter Luxe Collection. It’s always so much fun working with a lovely girly team so with the edition of one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever eaten, was a damn good day at the office! Saying that it might not have been the best thing to be working on when you are the size of a small house with a beautiful pixie-like model, casually frolicking in on a freshly made bed…

    All I can say is thank god for the cake – I can worry about my post baby body goals another day lol!

    lucy jayne makeup baby bump

    I am lucky enough to work with this brand a lot and is my first recommendation when my brides are looking for something a bit special in the bridal lingerie department.

    In fact I was adorned with beautiful Ell and Cee goodies on my wedding day last November and it made me feel so glamorous getting ready for my wedding prep. Here are a few piccies… Ah the memories!

    Ell and cee silk gown
    ell and cee silk dressing gown
    ell and cee garter
    ell and cee bespoke silk knickers

    Back to the shoot & fabulous bridal lingerie…..

    “Ell & Cee is a luxe British Lingerie & Lounge brand. The signature look is deliciously feminine with a modern bohemian edge. Garments are made from the finest silks and chiffons to ensure the best quality and are manufactured in the UK – with many of the garments hand finished in house. The more bridal inspired pieces will be launched early next year with lace up details, embellished bras and cut out knickers in soft Champagne and pale Ivory.”

    The No Makeup – Makeup

    The feel of this shoot was paired back and relaxed. Coupled with the luxury of the room style and white washed walls of the location house it all fitted perfectly. Hair and makeup was completely minimal. That gorgeous, no makeup – makeup look! Of course there was makeup, not loads but applied in a way to give flawless glowing skin. Basically how we would all like to wake up in the morning… Lol!

    Here is a before and after picture of the gorge model Laura, you can see how lovely and even her skin tone is with a lightweight foundation and highlighting. No heavy contouring here kids, just a subtle mix of lighter toned concealer blended with her foundation to ‘lift’ where the light would catch her face and a mix of cream highlighters on top to give that uber dewy feel.

    Lucy jayne makeup natural makeup look

    Lucy jayne makeup natural makeup look

    Here is a slightly better shot to show the highlighting on her face (cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of her nose and cupids bow) as the natural light hit her face.

    The finished article!! Some of my favourite images from this beautiful shoot. 
    ell and cee bridal lingerie lucy jayne makeup
    ell and cee bridal lingerie lucy jayne makeup
    Ell & cee winter luxe lingerie
    ell and cee bridal lingerie lucy jayne makeup
    Ell & cee winter luxe lingerie
    ell and cee bridal lingerie lucy jayne makeup

    All garments available now, so its only fair you treat yourself.. It is Christmas after all!! 

    Ell & Cee, shop the lingerie collection: &

    Ell & Cee feature on Festival Brides Blog:

    Model Laura Elliot


    Here is my editorial gallery that showcases some of the previous Ell & Cee campaigns:

    (My wedding photos are by Benjamin Toms)

    Lilfox - available at
  • Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow

  • Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Makeup Review

    Here is my review on this beaut of a product! I am not one to follow the crowd, but here I make an exception! I have wasted so much money in the past on products that get rave reviews but don’t live up to the hype. After purchasing the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow I am now in love with this beautiful product.

    Let me start with the packaging; Visually this product looks every bit as luxurious as you would hope for in a high end product. It is a shiny golden beacon and whenever I have a makeup savvy bride in my chair; I know she can’t wait for me to use it! I apply it on every face I makeup and it gives the perfect sculpted enhancement.

    The bronzer ‘Sculpt’ side is highly pigmented which means a little product goes a long way. It can be used to softly sculpt the face or build it up for deeper bronzed look – depending on what finish the client requires.

    The highlighter ‘Glow’ side has a delicate golden sheen, and is perfect for creating a luminous sun-kissed highlight. This highlighter catches the light perfectly and it really does makes the skin glow in a pretty and youthful way. I am pleased that it doesn’t create the harsh metallic sparkle that some highlighters can have. Apply it anywhere the light might catch for a soft glow; the cuspids bow, brow bone, temples, cheek bones, collar bone, shoulders and sometimes the bridge or tip of the nose!.. This product is a perfect 10 and my new favourite!

    Here are some of my recent bridal clients that have had the Filmstar Bronze and Glow treatment. They look ready for the Red Carpet!

    filmstar bronze and glow
  • Bridal Inspiration: My Stunning Wedding Hair (2014)

  • Bridal Inspiration: My wedding hair!

    My wedding hairstylist Vicki Lord was sorted from before I was engaged. I know just how clever Vicki is through years of working together. The thought and design process that goes into all of her bride’s hairstyles has me in awe. This was the bit I was most calm about as I knew I was in good hands!

    I didn’t have my hair trial until two weeks before the wedding. I was able to bring my dress and do my makeup so I could see the whole look together. I had ideas of how I might like my hair and in my mind, I thought that a more casual hairstyle would be better suited because the dress was so glam. In reality, only glam would do!
    Vicki had an inspiration image that I had also picked (great minds think alike) in one of my secret Pinterest boards and was the inspiration behind having lace in my hair.

    I hadn’t ever seen it on a ‘real-life’ bride and loved how it gave the hair look a touch of elegance. I mentioned this to Charlotte at one of my early dress fittings and she had given me some pretty gold beaded lace that complimented my dress and Vicki dressed my hair around it.

    Lucy Jayne makeup Hair Inspiration
    My wedding hair inspiration

    The trial was great, as expected. Vicki sketched my dress and her ideas of the hair design, we chatted about the hair that would suit the dress and my face shape/bone structure.

    I was happy for her to just go for it and to trust the professional! It was certainly elaborate and so beautiful, I really loved it but felt I needed to see a slightly less ‘big’ hair-do for my own peace of mind. I felt a bit panicky and that the big hair and big gold dress might be too much?… Of course, it wasn’t and this was a bit of a waste of time, but I needed to be sure.

    Vicki Lord hair consultation and Lucy Jayne Makeup
    My hair and makeup at the trial. My hair stayed the same but makeup was a bit stronger on the wedding day
    wedding hair vicki lord makeup lucy jayne
    Lucy & Simon-32
    wedding hair vicki lord makeup lucy jayne
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    wedding hair vicki lord makeup lucy jayne

    My Awesome Wedding Suppliers:

    The Dress: Wilden Bride London

    The Photographer: Benjamin Toms Photography

    The Hair: Vicki Lord Bridal Hair

    The Grooms Suit: Jack Bunneys

    The Venue: The Bell In Ticehurst

    The Lingerie: Ell & Cee

    The Cake: Quintessential Cakes

    The Band: The Locals

    The Makeup Artist: Me!

    Special thanks to Anna Marie who was Ben’s partner in crime for the day and another fabulous photographer!

  • Bridal Inspiration: My Glamorous Wedding Makeup (2014)

  • My Bridal Style: My glamorous wedding makeup

    I always knew I would do my own makeup, my main worry was my skin but thank goodness it was looking good on the day – hallelujah! I enjoy doing my own makeup and it’s my profession so I felt pretty casual about it… This was until I had to actually do it on the day!!
    I was fine doing my mums and maid of honours makeup and it even helped me zone out a bit, but when it came to doing mine my nerves really got to me.

    I felt quite panicky when I should have been calm and sadly it felt like a bit of an endurance, I just wanted it over and done with so I could focus on having fun with my bridal party. I was really happy with how my makeup looked but I could have done without the stress of having to it ha-ha! The moral of the story folks is to book a professional, the wedding prep is such a fun time and you should be as chilled and calm as can be, the last thing you want to stress about is your makeup!

    As soon as I started having my dress designed I began gathering inspiration images of different makeup looks on Pinterest, it went from natural, vintage to glam. I think on the wedding day I did play it a little bit safe with my makeup, after the bold lipstick and massive kitten flick eyeliner I am comfortable wearing when I get glammed up – ultimately I just wanted to look flawless and of course timeless!

    glamorous wedding makeup
    My makeup inspiration (and major girl crushes!)

    I designed my makeup to compliment my glamorous bridal look, and not compete with the bold elements of it. As I was able to see everything together at my hair trial I made a few changes to my makeup as it was just too natural. I went bolder on the eyes and brighter pink lips (of course!) I had a change of heart with my eyelash choice. The strip lashes I chose at my trial were nice, but I knew if I was going to panic on the day it would be when I applied these bad boys! I went for a more practical choice of party lashes (individuals lashes with a much stronger glue) that I applied a couple of days before and they still looked great on the wedding day.

    glamorous wedding makeup trial
    My makeup trial!

    Another thing that I had a hard time deciding was if I should wear my glasses?? I was debating right up until the wedding day. I am comfortable in my specs but they are bold and a little quirky so I felt that contact lenses were the way to go. Getting used to contacts is a whole other story but I’m very happy with my decision. I thought that in photos I would look strange (or not like me) without my glasses, but maybe where I am so used to wearing them I was letting them define how I should look… When all that matters is that I look happy in my photos. And I did.

    I was very happy with my makeup look, and even into the evening after the first dance and serious partying my photos showed that my makeup was still flawless (if not a tad sweaty from all of the dancing). 

    When it came to my mum and maid of honours makeup we didn’t get chance to do a trial but as I had put their makeup on for loads of different occasions so they were more than happy for me to do it on the day. I kept the glam theme with everyone. Mum was wearing a (silvery toned) mink and black jumpsuit so to compliment it we went smokey grey eyeshadow with individual lashes and shimmery lipgloss.

    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography

    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    Lucy & Simon-138

    My maid of honour Mel, was wearing a full length black dress and is very comfortable with bold eyes and a heavy strip lash, so I made sure her eyes were uber smokey with a bit of gold sparkle. Her lashes were really plush: Esqido’s Lashlorette Lash

    Here is my step by step on how I created my bridal makeup.

    Skin: I used Simple moisturiser and a bit of MAC Oil Control Lotion on my t-zone. To even out and smooth my skin (I have quite a few deep pores) I used Smashbox primer Photo Finish. As with all brides I needed my foundation to be long wearing so I used my personal favorite Estée Lauder Doublewear and Mac Pro Longwear concealer. I set my base with MAC Prep+Prime Translucent Finishing Powder.

    To get a little more colour I combined a soft beige bronzer by Illamasqua and added a pop if pink blush to my cheeks in MAC Dollymix. I highlighted my cheekbone and brow bone with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle.

    Eyes: The best way to keep eyeshadow put is to use an eye primer. I used MAC Paint pot in Painterly. I buffed in a shimmery taupe cream shadow into my eyelid and to create this I mixed a little MAC Vintage Selection with Groundwork.

    To create the smokey effect I blended in N17 Peep Show Palette (discontinued) and over the top of my crease and under my lower lash line MAC Bronze eyeshadow in Antiqued. To open my eyes up I dabbed a little MAC Vanilla Pigment into the inner corners of my eye to add a ‘pop’. I smudged in Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Black/Gold Cream Eyeliner and blended that out to the socked and this added to a ‘soft cat-eye’ flick.

    I used L’Oreal Waterproof Mascara over the top of my Party Lashes that I applied a few days prior. I cried a lot and it didn’t budge!

    Eyebrows: I like them to look quite natural so I tinted them prior to the day and used MAC Fling Eyebrow Pencil to give them more definition and set them with a Sculpting blonde Brow Gel by Maybelline.

    To give me a little more colour I combined a soft beige bronzer by Illamasqua and added a pop if pink blush to my cheeks in MAC Dollymix and highlighted my cheekbone and brow bone with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

    Lips: I am a big pink lip fan, so I went for a soft pink tone in MAC Lovelorn with a brighter MAC Pink Poodle lip gloss on top!

    To finish and hold everything in place I spritzed myself and my bridal party with MAC Fix + finishing spray.

    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    lucy jayne makeup artist
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography
    wedding makeup the bell in ticehurst
    lucy jayne wedding makeup Benjamin Toms wedding photography

    My Awesome Wedding Suppliers:

    The Dress: Wilden Bride London

    The Photographer: Benjamin Toms Photography

    The Hair: Vicki Lord Bridal Hair

    The Grooms Suit: Jack Bunneys

    The Venue: The Bell In Ticehurst

    The Lingerie: Ell & Cee

    The Cake: Quintessential Cakes

    The Band: The Locals

    The Makeup Artist: Me!

    Special thanks to Anna Marie who was Ben’s partner in crime for the day and another fabulous photographer!


  • Makeup Academy

  • I had such a great experience running my makeup academy recently. It is held in a lovely little hair studio in Herne Bay, Kent and spanned three days. It was the perfect setting for my academy and I couldn’t wait to get started. I was a little nervous but excited to start teaching the students. There was 4 of us in total and the atmosphere was inspiring.

    The first day focused on how to create specific looks. I took the students through some of the basics. We covered: classic bridal makeup, glamourous and Asian inspired makeup looks and took the time to understand their differences, what made them unique and how to create them. I then let the students try this out for themselves. They really loved it and did some amazing work on their models.

    lucy jayne makeup academy

    makeup academy

    We also covered some more of the basic stuff such as hygiene, skin prep, working with professional brushes and products and even brushed up on some of our basic product knowledge. I wanted to make sure that everyone had a solid knowledge foundation to work from. It was good to be able to discuss these with the students and hear their thoughts on particular makeup topics. The students loved it and really began to get into their stride as they perfected what they were familiar with and tried out what was new to them. It was great to see a collection of artists with varying skills and at different stages of their makeup careers.lucy jayne makeup academy

    Each demonstration included either individual lash clusters, strip lashes and facial adornments which I incorporated in each of the looks. The adornment for the Asian inspired bridal look was a firm favourite and the students couldn’t wait to try these techniques themselves.

    Day 2 was a fabulous photo shoot with the students creating their own looks. I loved all the styles they came out with and was so proud at how they were able to apply the techniques they’d learned the day before. All of the models looked fabulous.

    lucy jayne makeup academy

    This one was one of my favourites; Natalie created a glamourous bronzed smoky eye using strip lashes and a subtle bronzed skin and coral blush. She even added some coral lipstick to compliment and finish a look. Isn’t’ it just stunning?

    makeup academy

    lucy jayne makeup academyThe third day, and perhaps my favourite, was a Q&A session. I gave the students time to ask me anything they liked about my business. We covered every topic I can think of including: what business is like as a makeup artist, how I handle my social media, how to build a bigger and better portfolio and the best way to tackle self-promotion. The questions were great and really showed that the students wanted to get to grips with becoming a professional makeup artist.

    The whole academy experience was simply amazing. I loved being able to pass on my knowledge to young and budding makeup artists. I felt so proud of all the students by the end of the course and could see how they’d all progressed in such a short space of time. I just can’t wait for the next one!

    For details of the up and coming courses see my Makeup Academy Page!

    With special thanks to Models Jade and Jasmine and Ben Toms Photography

    Photoshoot option only available with the Art of Bridal Beauty Course

  • Talika Lipocils Eyelash Gel Review

  • Talika Eyelash serum review
    talika Liposils Expert review

    Talka Lipocils Eyelash Gel Review

    I was really excited that I had the opportunity to try some of Talika’s key products. The two that I am trialling are the Lipocils Expert eyelash growth gel and Eyebrow Lipocils growth gel.

    I have been using the eyelash serum for 28 days, but silly me I was only using it once a day (at night) when its recommended twice (morning and night)!

    I have been selling my lashes short, but from today I will now be applying it properly and I will give you a little update of my eyelash progress when I post about my new ‘Brooke Shields’ eyebrows… Here’s hoping!!  

    So back to the Talika Lipocils. I have tried a few other eyelash growth products and I must say that the Talika packaging and the brush applicator is by far the nicest. The brush is so slick that it enables you to apply the gel to your lash line and then comb the lashes from root to tip with the serum, making sure they are thoroughly coated.

    The website states that you should experience eyelashes that are naturally longer, darker and curlier in just 28 days with this eyelash enhancing complex… I do agree!! Hurrah!

    I am lucky as I have pretty decent eyelashes but after having party lashes removed (lash clusters with a very strong glue that last 7-10 days), I felt like my lashes were quite patchy and damaged. The Lipocils Expert has offered the TLC that my lashes needed. The before and after aren’t as dramatic as I had hoped but my lashes are certainly a lot more even, with added length and they are slightly darker. Hopefully, in the next 28 days, there will be even more of an improvement. 

    Talika Lipocils is available in the UK from SPACE.NK.apothecary

    Talika eyelash serum before and after review
    My lashes before the 28 day trial with Lipocils Expert
    Talika Lipocils eyelash serum before and after review
    My lashes after the 28 day trial with and without mascara. (The same mascara has been used in both the before and after photos)
    Kiko Milano Cosmetics