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  • Bridal Makeup Style - Are you a Vintage, Boho, Classic Bride??

  • Bridal Makeup Style Inspiration

    At the moment its non-stop wedding season and I have just completed my third wedding of the week and I am ready to do the same again next week.
    I thought I would upload some of my bridal work and ask the question… What is your bridal makeup style?! Already this week I have had a ‘Classic Bride’, ‘Vintage Bride’ and ‘Bohemian Bride”.

    Last year Vintage bridal makeup was huge and is still very popular. Some brides like to go full-on and others slightly toned down (eyeliner flick, bold lips not necessarily together). I feel that this year it is all about the ‘Bohemian Bride’! This involves looking a bit more 70’s and free-spirited in the style of head-dress and the wedding dress not being too structured. I personally love this look and I think its something I would go for!

    The makeup base is a lot more natural and fresh with more emphasis on the eyes and cheeks creating a look that is striking but looks effortless. I think my modern style icons for this look are the Olsen’s. They love to rock a smudgy smokey eye but I think for bridal it does need to look a lot cleaner. I like to opt for Bridget Bardot/Olsen mix with some full strip lashes thrown in for good measure

    Check out my behind the scenes pictures of recent brides that had a gorgeous bohemian feel to their wedding style and makeup!

    Boho Bride in Kent bridal makeup style
    Boho Bride
    Boho Bridal makeup style in Kent
    Boho Bride

    LJ x

  • Festival Brides Love Lucy Jayne Makeup

  • Here is a little feature from the Festival Brides Blog

     It is a huge compliment to get featured on such an awesome wedding blog. 

    Lucy Jayne is an award-winning makeup artist and one of our favourite MUAs to collaborate with!! She is always up for a shoot in the middle of a muddy woodland or field often in the freezing cold! She has also been known to work in some pretty dusty barns! She’s an extremely passionate artist who can turn her hand to pretty much any look or style.

    Bohemian Bridal Makeup by Lucy Jayne
    When it comes to bridal make-up Lucy prides herself on creating her bride’s vision and her interpretations have always been spot on.
    Lucy says ‘What I have learnt from my brides is that they don’t want to look back at their pictures and think ‘what was I thinking?’ They want a look that is timeless, that captures their natural beauty and also their personality.
    Bohemian Bridal Makeup by Lucy Jayne
    Bohemian Bridal Makeup by Lucy Jayne
    Lucy always tries to have as many pictures of varied make-up styles for brides to look through and be inspired by. Lucy loves that bridal make-up isn’t so traditional any more, ‘brides like to push the boundaries especially as they see celebrities on the red carpet looking glamorous and are becoming a lot braver with their own make-up.’
    Wedding Makeup in Kent
    Lucy Jayne’s bridal make-up tips:
    1. Your skin is the most important thing for your make-up to look flawless, so it needs to be looked after. Cleanse and moisturise and think about booking some facials in the months leading up to the wedding.
    2. Your make-up is an important part of your overall look so if you are not confident when it comes to make-up and don’t have a make-up style in mind, look into celebrity styles that you like or you think will suit you. Your make-up artist will help with inspiration! They should take into consideration your dress, personal make-up style, wedding style, colour themes, your natural colouring and facial features to create a make-up look that is perfect (and of course making sure you still look like you!)
    3. Be constructive, remember you are paying for their service so if you are not happy with anything then say so. A good make-up artist should factor in time to make changes and tweak things until you are 100% happy with your finished look.
    4. Try to coordinate your hair and make-up trial on the same day so you can see your finished beauty look together (try to wear a colour close to your wedding dress because anything patterned or bright can be distracting).
    5. Don’t panic about timings on the wedding day, your make-up artist, hairstylist and photographer should give you a timetable so the morning flows nicely and is as enjoyable as possible… All you need to worry about is getting up and what time you will be opening the champers!
    For more Free-Spirited Bridal Inspiration…
  • Kent Wedding Awards Winner

  • Kent Wedding Awards Winner

    I was lucky to be shortlisted for the Wedding Beauty category in The Kent Wedding Awards. It was so excited to be invited to the Gala Awards Evening – I didn’t really know what to expect but it was ‘Black Tie’ so evening glamour and tux’s it was.

    The event was held at the Mercure Hotel in Maidstone and there were many professionals from the wedding industry that had also been shortlisted. It was nice to catch up with other suppliers and do a bit of networking. 

    I love a bit of glamour and any excuse to dress up. I was really looking forward to my friend and Session Stylist Vicki to complete my red carpet look with seriously cool hair. I love Kirsten Dunst’s red carpet hair so I used it for my hair-inspiration.  My makeup was classic smokey eyes and red lips that I teamed with my black dress and red stilettos!! I felt fabulous!

    I really wasn’t expecting to win anything especially as I had some fierce competition in the Beauty Category. I thought it would be a great experience to attend.

    I couldn’t believe it but I won the Wedding Beauty Award!! Getting recognition for doing something that I love was the cherry on top of the cake! #DREAMJOB


    Kent Wedding Awards

    Kent Wedding Award Winner Lucy Jayne

    Kent Wedding Awards

    Kent Wedding Awards Beauty Winner

    Kent Wedding Awards Winners

    Kent Wedding Awards

    Lucy Jayne x


  • Wedding in a Bird Park

  • One of my favourite brides (Cara) from last year is featured in this months Perfect Wedding Magazine. She had a truly unique DIY style and got married in the most unusual, but beautiful location. She had her wedding in a bird park! The venue wasn’t decorated and she hadn’t tried on her dress let alone seen it finished until the morning of the wedding… Not sure how other brides would have felt about that?! She was so laid back it didn’t worry her.

    It all looked amazing and came together on time!!!

    Check out Cara’s wedding in a bird park feature

    wedding in a bird park
    Real Bride in Perfect Wedding Magazine
    Real Bride in Perfect Wedding Magazine



    Perfect Wedding Magazine