Charli (Wedding Photographer) Gets Married!

I have been looking forward to featuring this bride for ages… Charli contacted me over a year ago as she wanted to book me for her wedding in November, I didn’t know at first but she was a wedding photographer! Charli and I have worked together and I must say her photography style is just dreamy! I knew her wedding photos would have to be very special and they really are, just so beautiful! Of course it would be difficult to photograph your own wedding so the very talented Kate Hennessy was up to the challenge…

Here is a little about Charli Wedding Photography and and importantly her thoughts on the big day!!…

Charli Wedding Photography

“I am just a normal girl trying to capture the beauty in everything that I see.  I have always had a creative streak and photography is my outlet for this.

Charli Photography initially came about via some portrait shoots I did for friends but it has grown at some speed(!) and now i am privileged to share in many special days with couples each year.  I adore capturing weddings.  It is incredibly fast-paced and I always get asked if I am ‘nervous’ capturing such an important day.  I think if I wasn’t nervous there would be something wrong with me! Capturing such an important day warrants nerves, but I use these creatively on the day and channel that emotion into truly connecting with my surroundings.  I believe this allows me to shoot and capture the emotion in its raw form.”

“My photographic style is fine art photojournalism and I am an award-winning photographer with the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.  I am also a member of Fearless Photographers as well as being shortlisted as Best Wedding Photographer in the South East, UK in the National Wedding Awards 2013.”


“I love what I do and the feeling I get after I finish shooting a wedding for the day is a complete buzz of excitement!  I generally go home and edit a few ‘taster’ images to send to the couple straight away as I am as excited as they are about their wedding.”

As a wedding photographer how did it help when organising your own wedding?

I am not sure it helped! I see so many beautiful weddings that I think I got confused and sent my husband slightly insane with so many suggestions for the big day! I think it is easy to get carried away – most brides will agree with this.  It was important for us that our wedding had personal touches.

The one thing that really did help me was speaking to some of my previous brides, who have become friends, and who could give me some honest advice about the day and what to focus on.  I had been told by all of them to really take it all in as it goes so fast.  This is THE most important advice I would now pass on to all future brides – it really does go incredibly quickly – it is nice just to stand still for a moment and say ‘Wow, this in amazing’.

What was your ‘Bridal Style’??

I wanted something a little bit different.  I am not known for following trends and I wanted something unique to me and my personality.  I went for a very vintage style with a bit of added sparkle (I am a magpie at heart!).  My hair complimented this beautifully and Vicki Lord did such an amazing job, I still have people commenting on my hair nearly 3 months later!

How did you find your perfect makeup/hair look?

I spent ages searching images on Google for hair and make-up looks.  I love to do my own hair and make-up and am generally quite creative with what I do so I wanted to make sure that this was replicated on the day. I do have a bit of a comfort thing going on with my eyeliner so I couldn’t be without this on the day and Lucy did a beautiful job creating lovely flicks for me. I wanted the rest of my make up to remain quite natural.  The one thing I focus on is my eyes so this is where I wanted the concentration of make up to be.

My hair was inspired by a style I came across that Sarah Jessica Parker had worn to an awards ceremony.  I saw it and just thought wow, I don’t know if that’s even possible, but wow.  A few hair extensions later and it turns out it was very much possible 🙂Product Moodboard for Creating Charli's bridal look!

How important is the consultation process when it came to creating your perfect look?

I had already worked with Lucy before when capturing a wedding earlier in 2013 so I was quite relaxed during my consultation as I already knew Lucy was brilliant at what she does. Lucy was really flexible throughout the process and understood exactly what I was looking for.  We darkened my eyeshadow slightly on the day as I am happy to push the boundaries a bit with my eye make-up and am used to wearing slightly darker shades when I am dressing up for special occasions.

I definitely think the consultation process and meeting is key in helping to achieve exactly what you want for your day.

Overall how did you feel on the wedding day?

I was nervous in the morning and a little stressed.  We had made quite a lot of the wedding bits ourselves and this meant super-organisation on the day to make sure everything was perfect.  My sister and the other bridesmaids were stars!  I am not very good at delegating, but sometimes you just have to and your wedding day is one of these times.  After I was in my dress I felt like a princess!  I felt amazing all day.  It is a pretty indescribable feeling!

When you looked at/edited your photos how did your makeup make you feel, was it important to you as a bride?

Kate Hennessey did a wonderful job of capturing our day.  It was quite important to me to edit my own wedding photos and I thankful that Kate let me do this as it was really special and I loved editing them.  The wedding makeup certainly meant less airbrushing 🙂 I think we are all our own worse critics but for once I barely did any ‘removing of blemishes’ as there were not any to be seen!

I think my happiness on the day shone through in the photos and the makeup really complimented my features.  I think it is important to feel comfortable on your big day and I think some people feel comfortable doing their own makeup whereas I knew I would be too nervous and that I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess it up.

 Would you have changed anything?

I wouldn’t have changed anything about my makeup, I loved it…..


Here are a few of my favourites from Charli’s Wedding:

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