Introducing Covid-19 Barbicide Certification Program – Hygenic Practice

You earned a certificate for The BARBICIDE®️ COVID-19 Certification Program.

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Being in the beauty industry is hard at the moment. Everyone is in limbo and unsure when it will be safe to go back to work. Hairstylists look like they may be able to work from July. As for makeup artists, who knows? With the current government guidelines, makeup artists wouldn’t be able to stick to the social distancing rules.

I miss working and I am so sad for all of the anxiety that this dreadful virus has caused all of my bridal clients. I am pleased that everyone has been able to postpone to 2021 & 2022 so they can have the wedding that they have dreamed of! #postponedontcancel

covid-19 certification program

Hygienic Practice

I always liked to think that I keep health and safety standards at their highest while I am working. I work freelance, in my beauty room and also while I teach others at my makeup academy.

However, I think as makeup artists there isn’t clear information regarding hygienic practice and infection control. Now is the time to brush up on your knowledge so you can go back to work feeling confident in your new approach.

During our work, we touch multiple faces. All of our different products our brushes, and our own faces. We use our hands as our palettes. How often do you wash your hands during a chaotic wedding morning or during a catwalk show? I like to think it’s between every client but I am sure there are times where I have been so rushed I haven’t thought about it. It’s scary!

Our kit bags and chairs are porous and can harbour nasty germs that we touch constantly and all of our clients then sit on our chairs and they all touch it in the same areas. We are causing cross-contamination and Covid-19 really bought it home.

The thought of going back to work felt overwhelming because I know things in my working practice needed to change (other than the obvious – wearing PPE and more hand-washing) but I didn’t know how much I needed to change.

I started by completing the Barbicide Covid-19 Certification.

This program is designed to present the most current information that is pertinent to the Professional Beauty Professional. This information changes daily, but the guidelines for the Professional Beauty industry are likely to remain consistent in the short term.

Looking into Infection Control

I watched this very informative video outlining the Best Practices for Makeup Artists. After watching this, it’s made me feel empowered and also a bit overwhelmed with how much SHOULD be changed. I don’t know how realistic it will be to change everything straight away (budget pending) but I will certainly make a start right now.

Licensed Cosmetologist, Kristin Kaide and BARBICIDE® have partnered to clear up common infection control misconceptions backed by science and medical professionals.

What is covered?

  • The distinction between cleaning & disinfection
  • Utilizing your professional makeup kit
  • How to pack
  • How to set up on location
  • How to use your kit while working to avoid cross-contamination
  • Types of disinfectants when, where, why & how to use them

I am looking forward to when I can work again and when this happens I will ensure I have the highest hygiene standards and PPE!

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