Ell and Cee Bride Collection behind the Scenes – The Makeup!

Ell & Cee has always been distinctively bohemian but the new collection step’s it up another level with some amazing pieces that takes you straight back to the 70s. This look was reflected in our model Serina, she had the lightest long, pinky-blond hair and her face was adorned with hundreds of beautiful freckles… To be honest we could have just put her in the collection – no hair and makeup and it would have looked incredible. 

Ell and Cee Bride Collection

Ell & Cee Bridal Collection

Serina from First Models ell and cee bride

Serina from First Models

Still, I had to have a bit of fun!

Throughout the whole shoot her skin stayed completely natural with a bit of
 MAC Strobe Cream and Face and Body Foundation (no powder). I over did the highlighting as I wanted her skin to be dewy to the max! Her lips were naked but with a bit of lip balm and all of the focus was all on her eyes. I chopped into some ‘heavy’ strip lashes to make them look a bit messier, as I wanted to create a really ‘clumpy’ look with her lashes. Once the lashes were on I applied layers and layers of mascara to the top and bottom lashes and smudged in kohl pencil along the lash line.

70s Bridget Bardot Makeup ell and cee bride

70s Bridget Bardot Makeup

The second look stayed the same with the addition of messy gold glitter and colorful gems underneath her eyes and cheekbones to give that 70’s Woodstock feel. Oh and a few more layers of mascara!!

Woodstock Festival Makeup ell and cee bride

Woodstock Festival Makeup

I gave texture to Serina’s hair with some Surf Spray and backcombing. I then gave it a bit more of a hippie vibe with a few mini fishtail braids. 

My inspiration behind the makeup was Kirsten Dunst in the Virgin Suicides…
Such a beautiful, dreamy film!

Lucy Jayne x





Makeup & Hair:





Serina @ FIRST Models 




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