Makeup Academy

I had such a great experience running my makeup academy recently. It is held in a lovely little hair studio in Herne Bay, Kent and spanned three days. It was the perfect setting for my academy and I couldn’t wait to get started. I was a little nervous but excited to start teaching the students. There was 4 of us in total and the atmosphere was inspiring.

The first day focused on how to create specific looks. I took the students through some of the basics. We covered: classic bridal makeup, glamourous and Asian inspired makeup looks and took the time to understand their differences, what made them unique and how to create them. I then let the students try this out for themselves. They really loved it and did some amazing work on their models.

lucy jayne makeup academy

makeup academy

We also covered some more of the basic stuff such as hygiene, skin prep, working with professional brushes and products and even brushed up on some of our basic product knowledge. I wanted to make sure that everyone had a solid knowledge foundation to work from. It was good to be able to discuss these with the students and hear their thoughts on particular makeup topics. The students loved it and really began to get into their stride as they perfected what they were familiar with and tried out what was new to them. It was great to see a collection of artists with varying skills and at different stages of their makeup careers.lucy jayne makeup academy

Each demonstration included either individual lash clusters, strip lashes and facial adornments which I incorporated in each of the looks. The adornment for the Asian inspired bridal look was a firm favourite and the students couldn’t wait to try these techniques themselves.

Day 2 was a fabulous photo shoot with the students creating their own looks. I loved all the styles they came out with and was so proud at how they were able to apply the techniques they’d learned the day before. All of the models looked fabulous.

lucy jayne makeup academy

This one was one of my favourites; Natalie created a glamourous bronzed smoky eye using strip lashes and a subtle bronzed skin and coral blush. She even added some coral lipstick to compliment and finish a look. Isn’t’ it just stunning?

makeup academy

lucy jayne makeup academyThe third day, and perhaps my favourite, was a Q&A session. I gave the students time to ask me anything they liked about my business. We covered every topic I can think of including: what business is like as a makeup artist, how I handle my social media, how to build a bigger and better portfolio and the best way to tackle self-promotion. The questions were great and really showed that the students wanted to get to grips with becoming a professional makeup artist.

The whole academy experience was simply amazing. I loved being able to pass on my knowledge to young and budding makeup artists. I felt so proud of all the students by the end of the course and could see how they’d all progressed in such a short space of time. I just can’t wait for the next one!

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With special thanks to Models Jade and Jasmine and Ben Toms Photography

Photoshoot option only available with the Art of Bridal Beauty Course