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It always lovely  to hear from my brides after their big day, I have kept in touch with Lisa and it as great to hear how busy she has been with her new business since getting married.  Her vintage style and her creativity when it came to her wedding was amazing and so interesting I am not surprised this is the path she has gone down, and I am sure it won’t be long until she has a cute little vintage shop somewhere. Her custom made bouquet that played a big part in her day was simply beautiful I am sure I will have future brides telling me about  their bespoke bouquets from Mrs Fox’s Finery!

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“It was around seven months before the wedding (to my wonderful wife who puts up with me) that I started looking for a make-up artist. I was already thirteen months into planning the day and the wedding scrapbook had turned into two. I had my dress, the bouquet that I had made myself and perhaps most importantly the shoes. It’s safe to say I was a woman on a mission.

Hand Made Bouquet and Molono Blahnik Wedding Shoes. kent bride

What amazing shoes! The bouquet was handmade by Lisa!

 The issue I had when looking for a make-up artist was that I knew what I wanted – to look like a classic film star from the 1950s (if that was possible), but the people I found either wanted to charge me a lot more to travel to Kent or wouldn’t come out to make-over ‘just two people’.  When I came across Lucy’s website and saw the beautiful picture of a vintage bride that she had worked with I was so happy. I also really liked how friendly she looked on her profile picture. So I emailed away in early July 2012 and crossed my fingers hoping Lucy would be free. She emailed back right away: ‘Yes I am available and love vintage style!’ Needless to say, I was a very happy bride to be.

Vintage Bridal Makeup by Lucy Jayne. kent bride

Vintage Bridal Makeup

  On top of having someone who could create the look I was after for my special day I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with them. After all, having someone you don’t know very well in your home on the biggest day of your life was a big deal for me. I had planned to only have a few people with me on the morning of the wedding and so it was important to me that we got along.  

 Lucy rocked up to my home in November (the day before my hen party) for my try out. As she arrived my best friend and I just looked at each other – we knew she was perfect. Lucy brought along all of her equipment (there was a lot) and her big smile. She asked lots of questions about the day to get an idea of what I wanted. It was a great excuse for me to do some ‘show and tell’. Lucy may have wished she hadn’t asked:

Lisa's Wedding Scrap book. kent bride   Lisa's Wedding Scrap Book kent bride

                    I was so pleased I had the try out. Before that day I hadn’t made the decision whether to wear glasses or not. I had been a little worried about it and at that point was still unsure. Lucy reassured me and said that there was no hurry to decide, she explained that whatever I went for (with or without) she could make it work. When she said she hadn’t had a bride wear glasses before, it got me thinking……

 The try out was fun, Lucy penciled in my eyebrows that I really liked and hadn’t done before. She tried the same look on my best friend who just didn’t look like herself but was good to give it a go. I also went for extra eyelashes, which gave my lashes some more volume but still kept the natural look I like. I wouldn’t have thought about this without Lucy’s help.

 We looked great at the end of it. Lucy made notes of everything that was used and explained that we needed to wear for the rest of the day and let her know if we didn’t like anything or we had any issues. It was nice to know we could change our minds; we in fact did email her back to say I wanted bigger flicks!  So once Lucy had packed up and left in her fabulous little car we had pizza in our pyjamas that night looking very glamorous. I was pleased I could tick one more thing off the list.

 When it came to the wedding day Lucy was amazing and it was really nice to have her round. The hair stylist I had found was also called Lucy so that was easy to remember and they got on well! I did have a last minute wedding nightmare when the wife-to-be called to let me know a really close friend of mine (a great talent in her own right, she made my wedding hat seen below) couldn’t make the day as her daughter was very ill. I was so upset and worried that I made a quick call to check in with her. I cried, she cried and then I went into planning mode as I filled their spaces and contacted my other close friend who was at the venue setting up bits for me so she could update the table names.  It was a nightmare but Lucy just took it all in her stride. 

 Lisa kent bride Getting Ready on the Wedding Day Vintage kent bride Bridal Makeup Preparation Lisa's kent bride vintage wedding makeup nearly finished... Getting individual lashes applied on the wedding morning kent bride 

As I was having my make-up done my mind wandered, I had so many thoughts running around in my head I didn’t really think about the make-over or what Lucy was up to. When I was given the mirror after she finished I couldn’t believe it. I really did feel like a film star. Lucy had done a truly amazing job. She had got what I liked, who I was and made the make-up fit. That’s talent. 

I managed to have a photo with Lucy as I was putting my dress on which I was pleased about. She was so worried about getting red lipstick on my dress from her hands but by that point I didn’t care, I was going to be married in a few hours and all the worrying was over. I was to be became Mrs Fox. She gave my best friend some make-up for the rest of the day but we didn’t need it.

Lucy Jayne and Bride Lisa Fox. kent bride

Lisa Vintage kent Brde on her way to her Wedding

Since the wedding I have started on my next project in life, ‘Mrs Fox’s Finery & Fancies’. Selling my vintage treasures and brooch bouquets, adding a little sparkle into the world. I am trading at local fairs in South London and Kent. All part of the ten year plan to get that vintage shop! If you like vintage, discovering hidden treasures and quirky places to explore then follow me on my blog and website to see how I get on in the modern world when I am very much old school. Lucy is of course on the list of people I always have on hand.”

Lisa Fox


(Photos courtesy of Ian Booth Photography)


  1. by Samantha Jones on July 16, 2013  12:21 pm

    Lovely blog post and it's great to hear about a fabulous supplier from the perspective of a bride. I've worked with Lucy in the past and have always found her efficient, calm and incredibly friendly. She's excellent at her job and I must say that this vintage bride looked amazing and congratulations on choosing the right MUA Mrs Fox!

    • by Lucy on July 16, 2013  9:40 pm

      Thanks for your lovely comments Sam! I hope we cross paths at a wedding soon x

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