Beauty on the Beach – Sea Bathing Machine!

I feel like its been so long since my last blog post… Blame it on crazy wedding season! My other half is watching the Football (yawn!) so I thought I would bring something very cool to your attention!!

I live on the coast and feel very lucky that I do, especially as the beach is such a novelty to all of my clients that come to my home. Every time they ask ‘How close are we to the beach?’ and ‘We have to make the most of being by the seaside and get fish and chips’ I love it!

My neighbouring towns are Whitstable on one side and Margate on the other, both very iconic seaside destinations. 

In Margate there is a lovely seaweed and perfume brand Haeckels and they’re working on a project to raise £30,000 in order to build the worlds first sea bathing sauna machine!!

Sea bathing sauna machine margate

They have taken the heritage of Margate’s sea bathing machines and fused it with a state of the art sauna and treatment room; in essence this will be a mobile spa where users can use the sea as a plunge pool.

The machine itself is not for the benefit of Haeckels it will be a stand-alone unit to create interesting jobs for locals and create a moveable shore side space for local practitioners to rent.

The idea is of Dom Bridge’s who runs and owns ‘Haeckels’, a seaweed skincare and perfume business.

Mr Bridges says, “The knowledge of the health benefits of the Margate coast and seawater has been lost and forgotten about since its Victorian heyday.

“By reminding the town of its rich health-based heritage, we think that we will encourage regeneration and give a spark to the community that could to bringing the town back to a mecca of natural health.

“Being run by members of the community is important to us as it means that the profits will go back into the local economy which could mean that by creating the sea bathing machine the locals will have more employment, prospects and an improved outlook on where they live.”

Mr Bridges has commissioned a local architect and carpenter to design and construct the machine which should be ready next summer.

For more information or make a pledge, visit the Sea Bathing Machine Sauna Kickstarter page.

30,000 pledges of £1 gets us there or 3,000 pledges of £10 every penny counts so please get involved and lets give Margate another amazing attraction!

Kent Margate sea bathing machine