Summer 2015 Trend – Blush Bridal Makeup Inspiration

I’ve seen so many bridal hair and makeup trends, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. The fashion can change so quickly, you might blink and miss it.

Blush Bridal Makeup

But the way it has a habit of changing means that I get to see a lot more variety and be able to try new things with some of my brides. I think the current trend is probably one of my favourites.

We’re moving away from bronzed boho and embracing a more romantic English rose and blush bridal makeup style.

bridal makeup trend

I love how some of my brides choose a softer look and showcase their natural beauty. This is so much more effective and we find ourselves with a youthful, fresh-faced look that is just gorgeous. Shimmery pastel shades for the eyeshadows with perhaps only a tiny amount of eyeliner that just accentuates the shape of the eyes. Paired with hair that is swept back, gives brides a healthy summer glow.

This new blush bridal makeup trend also means that I’m using a lot of berry, pink, and rose tones to really bring out that natural delicate look. Some brides will opt to use a bright lip colour that pops in comparison but there are some that prefer a more neutral shade and will in fact choose to have a nude lip colour but with a pink undertone or a deeper berry lipstick or gloss to give a bolder finish. I’ve also noticed how those with freckles are loving this lighter and fresher approach to makeup, allowing their natural skin to shine through instead of covering it up.

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Although contouring was a huge trend last year, I’ve seen strobing become more popular recently. With contouring, the aim is to highlight and shade your face for a perfectly sculpted effect. This is not only time consuming but also technical and requires practice, although the effects are amazing, they are not very natural. The counter trend; strobing, has become one of my firm favourites. A much simpler technique, strobing uses light to highlight and sculpt your features. This is particularly effective on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and around your temples. The finish is an amazing glow that’s perfect for every bride. 

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Hair accessories are also becoming a firm favourite and we’re seeing more brides choosing to have fresh flowers in their hair. I particularly love how effective and feminine this can be. It’s often the final touch that completes a look.

As the romantic English trend is taking full hold, the flower of choice seems to be gypsophilia, also known as baby breath. This is a delightful little flower that is both delicate and feminine was once used as a cheap filler, but recently, I’ve seen it making a big comeback in terms of bouquets, hair accessories and wedding inspiration, finding itself as the buttonhole accessory.

summer2015 bridal makeup trend

Working with this trend is by far one of my favourites, I love how simple yet effective it is and how it gives more women the confidence to showcase their natural beauty.

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