The 5 Small Touches that can transform your Wedding Day

Tips to transform your wedding day


Photo by Alasdair Elmes on Unsplash
the small touches that can transform your wedding

It’s one of the most memorable days of your life, so you will probably want it to stand out. The truth is, having a unique and impressive wedding doesn’t have to come at a huge extra cost – there are lots of smaller touches that will transform the overall look and feel of your wedding and ensure every guest goes home grinning.

Photo booth

Why not set up a photo booth at your wedding reception? Recent years have seen the photo booth come back into fashion in a massive way, and no one can resist posing for their own unique set of instantly printed photo strips. This is a great way to appeal to everyone with your reception entertainment. Some people may not like dancing but they won’t be able to resist putting on some novelty glasses for a few snaps with friends and family.

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Creative lighting

You may not have given the lighting at your wedding a second thought, but it is key in setting the scene for your wedding and ensuring spectacular photographs. Light sources that give off a softer, warmer, more subtle glow are incredibly romantic and also very flattering – think candles and twinkly fairy lights. You could also really transform the atmosphere with colourful lighting effects and neon signs, which are all available for hire.

Book a live band

Music plays such an important role in a wedding, from setting the scene as you walk down the aisle to getting the guests up on their feet during the reception. DJs have been the traditional choice for decades, with many believing that a live band comes with too much of an added cost, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you would love live music for your big day and the option to hear unique covers of all your favourite songs, hire a band that is local to your wedding location – saving on hotel and travel costs.

Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash the small touches that can transform your wedding


Choreographed first dance

Whether you are a dance floor pro or an absolute amateur, choreographed first dances are becoming an increasingly popular choice at weddings for brides and grooms. Maybe you love to dance and wish you had a chance to try out some new moves for such a special dance, or maybe you’re not a natural mover and don’t want your first dance to be a total shambles; a choreographed routine appeals to all abilities and is a modern twist on the first dance tradition.

Create a social media hashtag

Social media has become a massive part of our lives, making it increasingly tough for wedding guests to keep their phones turned off throughout the day. Instead of worrying that people will be glued to their phones instead of enjoying the festivities, embrace it and give your wedding an official social media hashtag. Create a unique hashtag that no one else is using on social media and make sure your guests know about it, then you can encourage them to upload any pictures they take on the day using your unique wedding hashtag.

Once the day is over you will have great fun scrolling through the hashtag and see all of the photographs of the day. Whichever small touches you decide to add to your wedding, they’ll add so much more to your big day – cementing its place as a day that neither you nor your guests will forget